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Ancient Egypt 1

ankh Egyptian symbol of life carried only by kings, queens, and gods.
hieroglyphs Picture symbols carved in stone or written on papyrus sheets.
papyrus A plant that grows wild all over the Nile River valley used to make paper.
mummy An embalmed body, wrapped in linen to prevent decay and to prepare the body for the next world .
sarcophagus A mummy case most commonly carved in stone, and displayed above ground often inscribed or decorated with sculpture.
Nile barge A large wooden boat with many paddles and sails used to carry goods for trade on the Nile River.
pyramid One of the oldest stone structures in the world built as tombs for pharaohs as well as treasures and goods for the next life.
scarab (beetle) Sacred insect carved out of stone or metal that represented Kephri, the sun god, used as a good-luck charm.
sphinx A mythical creature that had the head of a man and the body of a lion.
wadjet eye Symbolized the vengeful eye of the sun god and the eye of the god Horus. It was believed to protect everything behind it.
Created by: cindywells