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study guide World Re


belief that if there is anything beyond this life, it is impossible for humans to know it Agnosticism
Narrative using abstract symbols to convey ideas Allegory
Doctrines proclaimed as absolutely true by religious institution Dogma
Belief that one's own tradition/religion is the only true religion and that all others are invalid Exclusivism
Insistence on what is perceived as the historical form of one's religion Fundamentalism
Intuitive knowledge of spiritual realities Gnosis
Present in the visible world Immanent
Physical embodiment of the Divine Incarnation
Theory that scientific discoveries prove the existence of an all-encompassing Designer, since they reveal complexities beyond chance or the evolutionary process Intelligent Design
Taking a flexible, non-dogmatic approach Liberal
Belief that there is only one deity Monotheism
The intuitive perception of spiritual truths beyond the limits of reason Mysticism
A symbolic story expressing ideas about reality or spiritual history Myth
Strictly standing by received traditions Orthodox
Study of religious practices to comprehend their meaning for their practitioners Phenomenology
Belief that there are many deities Polytheism
Worldly, secular, as opposed to sacred Profane
Repeated, patterned religious act Ritual
The realm of the extraordinary, beyond everyday perceptions, the supernatural Sacred
Visible representation of an invisible reality or concept Symbol
Belief in a deity or deities Theism
Spiritual reality that exists apart from the material universe Transcendent
Acceptance that truth may be found in all religions Universalism
Invisible serpentine spirits who control the flow of water in the world and in our bodies Nagas
An entire approach to living in which sacred and secular are not seperate Lifeway
A man or woman who has undergone spiritual ordeals and can use it to help people Shaman
Religious texts often referred to as the basis of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) The Vedas
Associated with a sacred drink Soma
Usually an ascetic spiritual community of followers around their guru Ashram
The individual soul Atman
Intense devotion to a personal manifestation of the Supreme Reality Bhakti
The Supreme Reality Brahman
Spiritual teacher Guru
Our actions and the effect on the lives to come Karma
Liberation Moksha
The invisible life force Prana
Ritual worship Puja
After death, rebirth in a new life Reincarnation
A scribe Rishi
The worldly cycle of birth, death, and rebirth Samsara
The eternal way of religious duty Sanatana Dharma
A priest or member of the priestly caste in Hinduism Brahmin
A member of the warrior or ruling caste in Hinduism Kshatriya
A cylindrical stone or other similarly shaped natural or sculpted form, representing, for Saivite Hindus, the unmanifest aspect of Siva Lingam
A sound or phrase chanted to evoke the sound of vibration of one aspect of creation, or to praise a deity Mantra
Siva's spouse, sweet daughter of the Himalaya's Parvati
In Indian traditions, blessed fool Prasad
Mental concentration yoga (ancient technique for spiritual realization) Raja Yoga
A Sikh congregation, in which all are ideally considered equal Sangat
The spiritual community of followers of the dharma Sangha
A member of the farmer and merchant caste in traditional Hinduism Vaishya
In Hinduism, a linear cosmic symbol used as an aid to spiritual connection Yantra
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