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AAA Abdominal aortic aneurysm
ABG Arterial blood gas
ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
ADLs Activities of daily living
AED Automated external defibrillator
AIDS Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AM In the morning
AP Anteroposterior
APTT Activated partial thronboplastin time
ARDS Acute respiratory distress syndrome
ARF Acute renal failure
BBB Bundle branch block
BM Bowel movement
BMR Basal metabolic rate
BMI Body mass index
BUN Blood urea nitrogen
Bx Biopsy
C&S Culture and sensitivity
CA Cancer, cardiac arrest
CABG Coronary artery bypass graft
CBC Complete blood count
CF Cystic fibrosis
Chemo Chemotherapy
CHF Congestive heart failure
CNS Central nervous system
CO2 Carbon dioxide
CP Cerebral palsy
CPR Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CXR Chest xray
D&C Dilation and curettage
Derm Dermatology
DKA Diabetic ketoacidosis
DM Diabetes mellitus
DVT Deep vein thrombosis
Dx Diagnosis
ECG, EKG Electrocardiogram
ECHO Electrocardiogram
ED Erectile dysfunction, emergency department
FBS Fasting blood sugar
Fx Fracture
GERD Gastroesophageal reflux disease
GTT Glucose tolerance test
Hb, Hbg Hemoglobin
HCG Human chorionic gonadotropin
HIV Human immunodeficiency virus
HTN Hypertension
Hx History
I&D Incision and drainage
ICU Intensive care unit
ID Intradermal
IDDM Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
IM Intramuscular
IV Intravenous
K Potassium
LAT Lateral
LDL Lower density lipoprotein
LFT Liver funtion test
LMP Last menstrual period
LOC Loss of consciousness
LUQ Left upper quadrant
ML Millileter
mm Millimeters
mm Hg Millimeters of mercury
MRI Magnetic resonance imaging
Na Sodium
NIDDM Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
NSAIDs Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
O2 Oxygen
OCPs Oral contraceptive pills
Ortho Orthopedics
PAP Papanicolaou test
PT Prothrombin time, physical therapy
RLQ Right lower quadrant
PCP Primary care provide, pneumocystic pneumonia
PE Physical examination, pulmonary embolism
PERRLA Pupils equal, round,and reactive to light and accommodation
Post Posterior
Pt Patient
R/O Rule out
ROM Range of motion
RUQ Right upper quadrant
SIDS Sudden infant death syndrome
SOB Shortness of breath
Sono Sonogram
STI Sexually transmitted infection
Sx Symptom
T&A Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
TIA Transient ischemic attack
TKA Total knee arthroplasty
TURP Transurethral resection of the prostate
Tx Treatment
UA Urinalysis
URI Upper respiratory infection
UTI Urinary tract infection
WBC White blood count
WNL Within normal limits
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