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The period that means "rebirth of knowledge" Renaissance
Animals that carried the Bubonic Plague to Europe. Fleas
Referred to as a "Renaissance Man" because of his interest in art and science. Leonardo Da Vinci
The "Father of the Reformation", he posted the 95 Theses on the door at Wittenburg. Martin Luther
The sale of these prompted Luther to challenge the Church and the Pope's authority over scripture. Indulgences
The trial where Luther was condemned as a heretic. Diet of Worms
The invention of Gutenberg. Printing Press
A system of agriculture where 2 crops were planted and a third field lay fallow for a season. 3 Field System
Author of "The Prince" Machiavelli
What book written by Machiavelli urged rulers that it was better to be feared than loved The Prince
Urban II called for a _____________ to regain the Holy Lands Crusade
Roman Emperor that divided the Empire in half to better protect and manage it. Diocletian
The First Christian Emperor of Rome Constantine
Roman Emperor in the East that temporarily regained territory lost to Barbarians after the fall of the western half of the Empire...he is also known for his simplification and Code of Laws Justinian
Joan of Arc was a leader of the ____________ during the 100 years war French
The founder of Islam Muhammad
Sunni and _____________ are the 2 divisions of Islam Shia
Using stone tools, using fire for defense, and living a nomadic lifestyle are characteristics of which era before writing? The Paleolithic
Once animals and plants were domesticated we entered into the period before the development of writing known as the ___________ Neolithic Era/Period
Wedge shaped writing developed in Sumer was called? Cunieform
Modern day Iraq was called ______________, which means land between the rivers. Mesopotamia
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