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Description -> Remedy Name and Keynote

Symptom: She had diarrhea with strong urging. The urging was not relieved by stool. Mercurius ___ Rectum, urging, constant
Symptom: The child perspired on the head and back of the neck during sleep. Calcarea Carbonica___ Perspiration, bed, in Perspiration, single parts
Symptom: He complained that he woke up early every morning and had to rush to the toilet because of his diarrhea. Sulphur___Rectum, diarrhea, morning, bed, driving out of
Symptom: She explained that during her headaches the pain was only in a small spot, the size of a dime. Kali Bichromicum___ Head, pain, spot, pain in small
Symptom: After being in a car accident, he found he could not get to sleep that night. Aconite ___ Fright, complaints from
Symptom: She said that she had cystitis and that there was a burning pain during the urination, as if she was passing scalding water. Cantharis ___ Bladder, pain, burning, urination, during
Symptom: The child suddenly came down with a high fever and was delirious. Belladonna ___ Fever, burning, furious, delirium, with
Symptom: She reported that her headaches were relieved when her menstrual period began. Lachesis Rubric: Head, pain, menses, amel. when flow begins
Symptom: He was oppressed by a constant feeling of nausea, but found it impossible to vomit. Nux Vomica Rubric: Stomach, nausea, inability to vomit
Symptom: She suffered from menstrual cramps and the only way she could get relief was by making a fist and driving it into her abdomen. Colocynthis Rubric: Ambdomen, pain, cramping, pressure amel.
Symptom: He developed a large bluish-black boil on his neck. Anthracinum Rubric: Skin, erruptions, boils, blue
Symptom: Mother Theresa recounted a dream where she stood before the gates of Heaven and Saint Peter refused her entrance saying that she had not completed her work on Earth. Aurum Rubric: Mind, delusions, neglected his duty, that he has
Symptom: She won a prize in the lottery and found she could not sleep that night, thinking of all the wonderful things she would get with the money. Coffea Rubric: Sleep, sleeplessness, excitement, from
Symptom: She had days when she would cry without knowing the reason why she cried. When her husband tried to comfort her, she would get angry with him. Sepia ___ Mind, weeping, involuntary Mind, weeping, consolation agg.
Symptom: His eyelids were heavy and drooping after coming down with the flu. Gelsemium ___ Eye, heaviness, lids
Symptom: The child had constipation with cramping pains that were relieved by bending backwards. Dioscorea ___ Abdomen, pain, cramping, gripping, bending backward amel.
Symptom: He complained of a bloated feeling in his stomach that was relieved when he belched. Carbo Vegetabilis ___ Stomach, distension, eructations amel.
Symptom: Whenever he was anxious, he felt an empty feeling right in the pit of his stomach. Mezereum ___ Stomach, apprehension in
Symptom: She woke early in the morning with a stabbing pain under her right scapula. Chelidonium ___ Pain, dorsal region, scapulae, right, under
Symptom: After staying up all night caring for her sick child, she had a sudden attack of dizziness. Cocculus ___ Vertigo, watching and loss of sleep
Symptom: He had a bad case of hay fever, but his mouth and tongue felt strangely dry; so dry that his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth. Nux Moschata ___ Mouth, dryness, tongue, sensation of
Symptom: After the child went away to summer camp, he missed his family terribly and come down with a bad cold as a result. Capsicum ___ Mind, homesickness, ailments from
Symptom: He said he would never marry, claiming that all women were devils sent to tempt the righteous from the path of spiritual salvation. Pulsatilla ___ Rubric: Mind, delusions, women, evil are, and will injure his soul
Symptom: While she was describing her problems, she was constantly wringing her hands. Kali Bromatum ___ Mind, gestures, wringing the hands
Symptom: He normally had a sweet and amiable personality, but at times he would get angry and start throwing things Staphysagria___ Mind, anger, throws things away
Symptom: She always slept with the windows tightly bolted, whatever the weather, because she was afraid that thieves would get into her home. Arsenicum album ___ Mind, fear, robbers of
Symptom: He was hospitalized with pneumonia and his breathing was so labored that his nostrils flared with each breath Lycopodium ___ Nose, motion, fan-like, in pneumonia
Symptom: The child refused to eat in restaraunts, claiming that the food was poisoned. Hyoscyamus ___ Mind, fear, poisoned, of being
Symptom: He described the pain from his angina as like being wrapped in a wire that was being pulled from both ends. Cactus Grandiflorus___Generalities, caged in wire, twisted tighter and tighter
Symptom: She had a bad case of hemorrhoids with spliter-like pains. Nitric Acidum ___ Rectum, pain, splinter, like a
Symptom: He had a hard, dry cough. When asked what made him cough, he said taking a deep breath. Bryonia___ Cough, breathing, deep
Symptom: She came down with a headache after getting her hair cut. Belladonna___ Head, pain, cutting hair, after
Symptom: His self-confidence was only exceeded by a remarkable lack of concern for problems of the people around him. Sulphur___ Indifference, welfare of others, to
Symptom: The main character in American Beauty describes his wife in this way: "Do you see how the color of her clogs matches the handles of her pruning shears? That's no accident." Arsenicum album___Conscientious about trifles
Symptom: The child complained that she was too hot and threw off her covers, but a minute later said she was too cold and pulled them up again. Mercurius___Generalities, cold, heat and cold
Symptom: When I examined his mouth, I saw the margins of his gums were purple. Plumbum___Mouth, discoloration, gum, purple, thin border nearest teeth
Symptom: She had a yellowish-brown discoloration across her cheeks. Sepia___ Face, discoloration, yellow, saddle across cheeks
Symptom: He was overweight and his doctor told him to stop eating eggs to control his cholesterol. He replied that he would rather have a heart attack than stop eating eggs. Calcarea Carbonica ___Stomach, desires eggs
Symptom: After her stroke, the old woman began to act very childishly. Baryta Carbonica___ Mind, childish behavior
Symptom: An old Yiddish curse goes: "May you have a house with a thousand rooms. And may each of the rooms have a thousand beds. And may cholera drive you from bed to bed." Arsenicum Album___Mind, restlessness, bed, wants to go from one bed to another (also Rhus Toxicodendron)
Symptom: He got a sharp pain in his chest whenever the weather changed. Ranuculus Bulbosa__Chest, pain, weather, changing
Symptom: She could only sleep on her right side, never on her left. Phosphorus ___Sleep, position, side, on, right
Symptom: In the movie "David and Lisa", the story of two mentally ill young people in an asylum, David's illness manifests itself as an intense aversion to being touched. Thuja Occidentalis ___Mind, insanity, touched, will not be
Symptom: He had a case of emphysema and found exercise difficult, epecially using the stairs. But stramgely enough, he found his emphysema bothered him more when going down the stairs than going up. Borax___Respiration, impeded, descending, on
Symptom: He paid no attention to his appearance and would wear the same dirty clothes for weeks at a time. Sulphur___Mind, indifference, personal appearance
Symptom: She didn't watch the news because it upset her so much that she couldn't sleep. Calcarea Carbonica ___ Horrible things, sad stories, affect her profoundly
Symptom: She worked very hard, but no matter how hard she worked, she felt it was not hard enough and feared that her boss would criticize her. Aurum metallicum___ Mind, delusions, reproach, has neglected duty and deserves
Symptom: He felt an empty feeling in his stomach whenever he thought about eating. Sepia___ Stomach, emptiness, thinking of food, when
Symptom: She had an operation on her left breast which left a scar. Several years later a tumor developed in the same area. Graphites___ Chest, cancer, mammae, cicatrices, in old
Symptom: She had a pain as if her uterus would fall out and the only way to relieve the pain was to keep her legs crossed. Sepia___ Genetalia female, pain, bearing-down, uterus, crossing limbs amel.
Symptom: He smashed his finger in the car door. Hypericum___ Generalities, wounds, crushed and lacerated finger ends
Symptom: Even though the child was icy cold and covered with a clammy sweat, he kept throwing off his covers Secale cornutum___ Chill, icy coldness, with clammy sweat and blueness, cannot bear to be covered
Symptom: She suffered a hemorrhage from her uterus after giving birth. The blood came out bright red in gushes and did not coagulate. Ipecacuanha___ Gentalia Female, metrorrhagia, gushing
Symptom: Her complaint was that she had a large wart on the tip of her nose. Causticum___Nose, warts
Symptom: He mentioned that his face felt like a spider's web was on it. Graphites___Face, cobwebs, sensation of
Symptom: He was bitten on the hand by his cat. The area felt cold, but the pain was relieved when he put an ice pack on it. Ledum ___ Generalities, wounds, penetrating, of palms and soles
Symptom: She had a cold with thick, yellowish mucus. When the discharge ceased, she got terrible sinus headaches with a pain at the root of her nose. Kali Bichromium ___Nose, discharge, thick, clear, headache if ceases
Symptom: He had a strong urging to defecate whenever he heard the sound of running water. Lyssin ___Rectum, urging, water, on hearing running
Symptom: The child had a strong dislike for bright, vibrant colors Tarentula Hispanica___Mind, colors, aversion to red, yellow, green, and black
Symptom: She was pregnant and complained of constipation. She said that her constipation was especially bad after eating potatoes. Aluminum ___Generalities, food, potatoes agg.
Symptom: As a result of an allergic reaction, her face swelled up and turned pink. The swelling was relieved by cold applications. Apis Mellifica ___Face, swelling, oedematious
Symptom: During teething, the baby cried for a toy, but as soon as she was given it, she threw it away. Chamomilla ___Mind, capriciousness
Symptom: When she was upset or under stress, she would swear using the foulest language imaginable. Anacardium ___Mind, cursing
Symptom: When asked a question, he would reply with another question. Aurum metallicum ___Mind, questions, speaks continually in
Symptom: She had constipation with hard stools and burning pains that occurred after the stool Ratanhia ___Rectum, pain, burning, stool, after a hard
Symptom: Her child was constantly sticking his finger up his nose, trying to pull out God knows what. Cina ___Nose, boring in with fingers
Symptom: The child had a fever and when his father picked him up to comfort him, the child tried to strike and bite him. Belladonna___Mind, biting
Symptom: He could not bear to wear a tie, which he said made him feel like he was choking. Lachesis ___External throat, clothing agg.
Symptom: She reported that her symptoms were better when she vacationed on the ocean shore. Medorrhinum ___Generalities, air, seashore amel.
Symptom: He had a case of angina and said the pain was worse whenever he bent forward. Lithium___Chest, pain, heart, bending forward agg.
Symptom: She could alway tell when there was going to be a thunderstorm, because her rheumatism bothered her more. Rhododendron ___Extremeties, pain, rheumatic, thunderstorm agg.
Symptom: He had a terrible headache which ceased when he had a nose bleed. Melilotus___Head, pain, epistaxis, amel.
Symptom: Her head started spinning whenever she heard a loud noise. Theridion ___Vertigo, noise, from
Symptom: He could not bear to look at a knife, because it frightened him so. Alumina ___Mind, blood, cannot look at, or a knife
Symptom: As a result of her depression she felt indifferent to her family. Sepia ___Mind, estranged, family, from her
Symptom: He couldn't defecate because when he went to stool, it poked out, but then went back into his rectum. Silica ___Rectum, constipation, stool recedes
Symptom: When she went to bed, she couldn't sleep because her feet kept moving Zincum___Extremities, motion, foot, nervous, in bed
Symptom: He kept remarking how small everything looked Platina___Vision, small, objects seem
Symptom: She started trembling whenever she heard music playing Ambra Grisea ___Generalities, trembling, music
Symptom: He was delirious with a fever and as he lay in his bed, he kept repeating, "I want to go home." Bryonia___Mind, home, desires to go
Symptom: The smell of food made her faint and nauseous Colchicum ___Stomach, nausea, odors, from
Symptom: When he heard he would have to give a presentation to a large group, he came down with a bad case of diarrhea Gelsemium___Rectum, diarrhea, fright, after
Symptom: At times she was ravenously hungry and at others she had no appetite at all Ferrum ___Stomach, appetite, increased, alternating with loss of appetite
Symptom: The baby had eczema and after it was treated with Prednisone started having convulsions Cuprum or Zincum ___Generalities, convulsions, erruptions fail to break out, when
Symptom: He had been out under the hot sun too long and appeared stunned and did not know where he was. Glonoinum___Mind, confusion, loses his way in well known streets
Symptom: Everything looked fuzzy before she had her headaches Iris___Vision, blurred, headache, before
Symptom: He had a sore throat and complained of a metallic taste in his mouth Mercurius___Mouth, taste, metallic
Symptom: She had a headache which made her feel that her eyes were about to pop out of her head Prunus Spinosa___Eyes, pain, bursting
Symptom: His feet would get freezing cold while he slept, so he always wore socks to bed. Calcarea Carbonica___Extremities, coldness, foot, night, bed, in
Symptom: He questioned his wife closely whenever she spoke with another man Lachesis___Mind, jealousy
Symptom: She said that she no longer loved her husband Sepia ___Mind, aversion, husband
Symptom: He told the doctor to go away, saying he didn't need him Arnica ___ Mind, delusions, well, thinks he is
Symptom: The child came down with a case of croup after playing outside on a hot summer day Bromium ___Larynx and Trachea, croup, heated, from being
Symptom: She said her back felt as if cold water were running down it Pulsatilla ___Back, coldness, extending down back, as if cold water poured down the
Symptom: He had a hiatal hernia and said it felt like a lump stuck in the pit of his stomach Abies Nigra___Stomach, lump, sensation of
Symptom: He had the annoying habit of belching very loudly Argentum Nitricum___Stomach, eructations, loud
Symptom: She was afraid of heights, not because she thought she would fall, but because she thought she would jump Aurum or Argentum Nitricum ___Mind, suicidal disposition, throwing himself from a height
Symptom: She had a fever and when the doctor questioned her, she would fall asleep when answering the question Baptisia ___Sleep, falling asleep, answering when
Symptom: During the interview he asked why God was punishing him with this illness Kali Bromatum ___Mind, delusions, vengance, thinks he is singled out for Divine
Symptom: She would have an attack of diarrhea immediately after drinking water Croton Tiglium___Rectum, diarrhea, drinking water from, immediately after
Symptom: His fingernails had turned black Arsenicum album ___Extremities, discoloration, fingers, nails, black
Symptom: Even though she was revonously hungry and ate like a dire wolf, she never gained weight and was extremely thin Iodum ___ Stomach, appetite, ravenous, emaciation, with
Symptom: The child's lips were chapped, cracked, and bleeding and she was constantly biting them Arum Triphyllum ___Face, chapped, lips
Symptom: The child had eczema, which was especially bad in the bends of the joints of his fingers Graphites___Extremities, erruptions, joints, bends of
Symptom: She was very afraid of the rain Elaps ___Mind, fear rain
Symptom: He had terrible migraine headaches, which made him vomit. He felt better after vomiting. Sanguinaria___Head, pain, vomiting amel.
Symptom: His urine had a pungent odor, like a horse's urine Nitric acid___Urine, odor, horse's urine, like
Symptom: The infant cried all night and slept all day Jalapa___Mind, weeping, sleep in, good during the day, sleepless and restless all night
Symptom: She had a strong craving for bacon Causticum___Stomach, desires, smoked things
Symptom: She was afraid of all animals, even the friendliest dog China officinalis ___Mind, fear, animals, of
Symptom: During the interview he occupied himself by breaking wooden matches into small pieces Veratrum Album___Mind, tears things
Symptom: He lost his errection while having intercourse Graphites___Genetalia, errections, incomplete, coition, during
Symptom: He had a headache at the same time in the morning every other day Cedron___Head, pain, periodic headache, every other day
Symptom: Her entire mouth felt as if it were burnt inside Iris versicolor___Mouth, pain, burnt, as if
Symptom: He could not stand it when people dawdled, and was always telling everyone to hurry up Tarentula ___ Mind, hurry, everyone must hurry
Symptom: Her nose ran whenever she sat on the toilet to stool Thuja___Nose, coryza, stool, during
Symptom: She was hard of hearing, but said she heard better whenever there was noise in the background Graphites___Hearing impaired, noise amel.
Symptom: He complained that no one appreciated him or thanked him for all that he did Palladium___Mind, longing, good opinion of others, for
Symptom: She slept fitfully and moaned and cried out in her sleep Aurum___Mind, moaning, sleep, during
Symptom: He suffered from a slowly progressing paralysis of his right arm Causticum___ Generalities, paralyis, gradually appearing
Symptom: The baby would not stop crying unless it was carried Chamomilla ___Mind, carried, desires to be
Symptom: He had an excruciating pain in his testicles, which he said felt as if they were crushed Rhododendron or Argentum metallicum ___ Genetalia, pain, crushed testes
Symptom: She had a cramping pain in her stomach which felt better after putting a heating pad on it. Magnesium Phosphorica___Stomach, pain, warm application amel.
Symptom: He said he felt something moving in his belly Thuja or Crocus sativus___Abdomen, movements
Symptom: The baby was teething and the only thing that would relieve the pain was biting a hard object Phytolacca___Teeth, bite, wants to, on something hard that relieves pains, dentition
Symptom: She had a case of mastitis in her right breast. A stitching pain extended from the breast to her back. Phellandrium___ Chest, mammae, pain, extending to back
Symptom: She had a bad case of menstrual cramping and said the only thing that relieved the pain was drinking coffee. Colocynthis___ Abdomen, pain, coffee amel.
Symptom: He was very worried about his heart and said he felt as if it was about to stop beating Lobelia___Chest, cease, sensation as if heart would
Symptom: He had the flu, but looking at his face you would have thought he was drunk. Baptisia ___Face, expression, besotted
Symptom: She had a case of cystitis and said each drop of urine burnt like fire Cantharis ___ Bladder, pain, urinating, during, after a few drops pass
Symptom: The sweat on his scalp had a sweet smell to it. Thuja___Head, perspiration, scalp, honey, smelling like
Symptom: She had a toothache that was worse whenever she drank coffee Chamomilla ___ Teeth, pain, coffee, from
Symptom: He had an empty, hungry feeling every morning about 11. Sulphur ___ Stomach, emptiness, 11 AM
Symptom: She was afraid that she would be caught outside in a storm and be struck by lightning. Phosphorus___ Mind, fear, thunderstorms, afraid of
Symptom: His back was weak and he noticed the problem especially after having sex with his wife Selenium___ Back, weakness, emissions, from
Symptom: She would start coughing whenever she laughed China ___ Cough, laughing
Symptom: When the doctor asked him to stick out his tongue, it trembled Lachesis___ Mouth, trembling, tongue
Symptom: She said she had chills running up and down her spine Gelsemium___ Back, coldness, up and down the back
Symptom: He had the flu and did not drink very often, but when he did, he drank a great deal of water Bryonia ___Stomach, thirst, large quantities, for, long intervals, at
Symptom: She could not fall asleep as she recalled the circumstances of her divorce several years ago Natrum Muriaticum___Sleep, sleeplessness, grief, from
Symptom: He had a constant urging to go, but could pass no stool Nux Vomica___Rectum, constipation, constant desire
Symptom: She had nightmares whenever she slept on her back Sulphur___Sleep, dreams, nightmare, lying on the back
Symptom: Ever since he hit his head in an accident, he had difficulty concentrating Natrum Sulphuricum___Mind, confusion, injury to head, after
Symptom: The base of her tongue had a yellow coating Natrum phosphoricum___Mouth, discoloration, tongue, base, golden yellow
Symptom: He had headaches that lasted for two or three days Ferrum metallicum___Head, pain, constant, continued, two or three days
Symptom: Her headaches were better after she urinated Gelsemium___Head, pain, urination, profuse, amel.
Symptom: He fainted in the warm, stuffy room Pulsatilla___Mind, unconsciousness, warm room
Symptom: His urine was passed in two separate streams Thuja___Bladder, urination, forked stream
Symptom: She did not like eating anything sweet Graphites or Causticum___Stomach, aversion, sweets
Symptom: He was impotent and said his penis felt shrunken and cold Agnus Castus___Genetalia, errections, wanting, penis small and cold
Symptom: She said that she could feel water sloshing back and forth in her stomach Oleum Animale ___Stomach, water, sensation as if full of
Symptom: He would take a dislike to other people for inconsequential reasons or even no reason at all Natrum Carbonicum___ Mind, aversion, persons, to certain
Symptom: His job was aboard a ship and he had asthma that was worse whenever he came ashore. Bromium___Respiration, asthmatic, sailors as soon as they go ashore
Symptom: She had epilepsy and her convulsions occurred during her menses Oenanthe___Generalities, convulsions, menses during
Symptom: She woke up every night from the force of her heartbeat Aurum Muriaticum___Sleep, sleeplessness, palpitation, from
Symptom: He was heart broken ever since he broke up with his girlfriend and said could feel his heart beat loudly in his chest Digitalis___Chest, palpitation, grief, from
Symptom: She sighed repeatedly as she told the unhappy story of her life Ignatia ___Mind, sighing
Symptom: He spoke with his dead parents as if they were still alive Calcarea Silicata___Mind, delusions, talking as with dead people
Symptom: The children came down with diarrhea just before they were going to go to the movies Argentum Nitricum___Rectum, diarhea, excitement, as before theatre
Symptom: She took off all her clothes and ran naked down the middle of the street Hyoscyamus ___Mind, naked, wants to be
Symptom: He had a red streak down the center of his tongue Veratrum Veride___Mouth, discoloration, red, stripe down center
Symptom: Her throat was sore first on the left side, then the right, then back on the left Lac Caninum___Throat, pain, sore, alternating sides
Symptom: He cared about other people's problems, even if they were strangers Phosphorus___Mind, sympathetic
Symptom: She slept on her stomach with her arms raised over her head Pulsatilla ___Sleep,position, arms over head, on abdomen
Symptom: She always came down with an attack of diarrhea before her menses Bovista___Rectum, diarrhea, menses, before
Symptom: He didn't want to settle down in a single place and hopped from job to job in different cities Tuberculinum___ Mind, travel, desire to
Symptom: He could only urinate when standing up Sarsparilla___Bladder, urine, can only pass urine while
Symptom: When he passed some flatus, he had an immediate and sudden urge to stool Aloe___Rectum, involuntary stool, flatus, on passing
Symptom: She said her bursitis bothered her the most at 9 PM Bryonia___ Generalities, evening, 9 PM
Symptom: She developed a case of cystitis shortly after her first intercourse. Staphysagria___Bladder, urination, dysuria, married women, newly
Symptom: Pulsatilla ___She wept as she described her illness to the doctor Mind, weeping, telling of her sickness, when
Symptom: His hayfever was worse in the morning, after rising Nux Vomica ___Nose, coryza, morning
Symptom: She did not like eating rich or fatty foods Pulsatilla___Stomach, aversion, fats and rich foods
Symptom: The pain of her cystitis was worst after she urinated Equisetum___ Bladder, urination, dysuria, urination, after agg.
Symptom: He had a sudden violent attack of coughing, which end with him retching a large mass of stringy mucus Coccus Cacti___Cough, paroxsysmal, followed by copious mucus
Symptom: The doctor noticed that she had small growths in her eyelids Staphysagria___Eye, tumors, nodules in the lids
Symptom: Whenever he came dow with an attack of colitis, he loosened his belt to ease the pain. Lachesis___Abdomen, pain, clothing agg.
Symptom: She slipped on the ice and fell on her tail bone Hypericum ___ Back, concussion of spine
Symptom: Her sore throat was better from cold drinks and worse from warm drinks Phytolacca___Throat, pain, cold drinks amel.
Symptom: He would start sneezing whenever he was in an overheated room Allium Cepa or Pulsatilla ___Nose, sneezing, warm room, in
Symptom: She was delirious with fever and thought her body had fallen to pieces that she had to put back again Baptisia ___Mind, delusions, body scattered about bed, tossed about to get the pieces together
Symptom: After seeing a horror movie, the child became frightened that he was about to be possessed by the devil Mancinella___Mind, fear, devil, being taken by the, of
Symptom: She suffered from leukorrhea which caused great itching and excoriation to her genetalia Kreosotum___Genetalia, female, leucorrhea, acrid, excoriating
Symptom: She woke up with a migraine headache and with flickering before her eyes Cyclamen___Vision, flickering, morning, headache, with
Symptom: He would perspire heavily after he woke up, but not when he was sleeping Sambuccus Nigra___Perspiration, daytime, while awake
Symptom: The child was retarded and had the unfortunate habit of sitting in the closet and masturbating Bufo ___Genetalia, masturbation, solitude, seeks
Symptom: She had a strong craving for ice cream Phosphorus___Stomach, desires, ice cream
Symptom: Her toes would swell up during her menstrual period Graphites ___ Extremities, swelling, toes
Symptom: He didn't care how he looked or dressed Sulphur___ Mind, indifference, personal appearance
Symptom: The child's teeth seemed to decay as fast as they grew in Kreosotum ___Teeth, caries, premature, in children
Symptom: Whenever she swallowed, she felt a pain like a splinter in her throat Hepar Sulph___Throat, pain, splinter, on swallowing
Symptom: He had a cold and his eyes were filled with tears, but the tears did not burn or smart his eyes Allium Cepa___Eyes, tears, bland
Symptom: During her sleep she drooled on her pillow Mercurius___Mouth, salivation, sleep, during
Symptom: He had a thick milky white coating on his tongue Antimonium Crudum ___Mouth, discoloration, white, milky
Symptom: She had coughing fits that were so severe that her nose started to bleed Drosera ___Nose, epistaxis, cough, with
Symptom: His cough was better when he drank something Spongia___Cough, drinking, amel.
Symptom: Her labor was delayed because her cervix did not dilate Caulophyllum___Genetalia, female, rigidity of os during labor
Symptom: His anxiety was better when he lay down in the evening in bed Magnesia Carbonica___Mind, anxiety, evening, bed, in, amel.
Symptom: The child was shy and would hide behind the furniture when people came to visit Baryta Carbonica___Mind, hide, child thinks all visitors laugh at it and hides behind the furniture
Symptom: He said there is a dark side of me that wants to do terrible things and a good side that holds me back Anacardium___ Mind, will, two, feels as if he had two wills
Symptom: She had a strong urging to urinate whenever she went outside on a cold day Dulcamara ___Bladder, urging, cold, from becoming
Symptom: After his operation, he suffered from trapped gas in the abdomen Raphanus___Abdomen, flatulence, obstructed
Symptom: She had a constant urge to blow her nose, but there was no discharge Sticta ___Nose, dryness, blowing nose, compelled, but no discharge
Symptom: He would wake in the middle of the night in order to eat Lycopodium ___ Sleep, waking, hunger, from
Symptom: She suffered from terrible nausea and the only thing that would relieve it was fresh air Tabacum ___ Stomach, nausea, air, in open, amel.
Symptom: He had the sensation of worms crawling under his skin Cocaine ___Generalities, worms, under the skin sensation
Symptom: When she had her cold, she was constantly sipping a drink Arsenicum Album ___Stomach, thirst, small quantities, for, often
Symptom: His cough was worse when he undressed Rumex Crispus___Cough, uncovering agg.
Symptom: While taking the case of a woman with arthritis, the symptom that stood out was her strong craving for apples Guaiacum___Stomach, desires, apples
Symptom: He had a bad case of writer's cramp Magnesium Phosphorica ___ Extremities, cramps, hand, writing
Symptom: She liked to eat green and unripe fruit Medorrhinum ___ Stomach, desires, fruit, green
Symptom: Whenever he drank anything cold it made his stomach feel like ice Elaps ___Stomach, coldness, ice like, after cold drinks
Symptom: The baby wasn't gaining weight and had a discharge from the navel Abrotanum ___Abdomen, discharge from the umbilicus
Symptom: She had dreams about spiders. Crotalus Cascavella ___Sleep, dreams, spiders
Symptom: He had skin erruptions that oozed a thick fluid Graphites___Skin, erruptions, discharge, glutinous
Symptom: She became afraid of mirrors and covered all the mirrors in her house up Lyssin or Stramonium ___ Mind, fear, mirrors in room
Symptom: She lost all interest in having sex with her husband Sepia ___Genetalia Female, coition, aversion to
Symptom: The child's fontanelles were slow in closing Calcarea Carbonica or Calcarea Phosphorica ___ Head, open, fontanelles
Symptom: A line from a song by the Smiths goes: "Spending warm sunny days indoors" Natrum Muriaticum ___ Generalities, sun, from exposure to
Symptom: He had a blockage in his intestine and as a result started to vomit excrement Opium ___Stomach, vomiting, fecal
Symptom: She lost control of her bowels when she coughed Squilla ___Rectum, involuntary stool, coughing or sneezing, on
Symptom: His urine smelled like the urine of a cat Viola Tricolorata ___Urine, odor, cat's urine
Symptom: Her breath had an offensive odor Mercurius___Mouth, odor, offensive
Symptom: His neck was stiff the day after he moved furniture into his new house Rhus Toxicodendron ___ Back, stiffness, cervical region, lifting, from
Symptom: She had repeated attacks of herpes around her mouth Natrum Muriaticum___ Face, eruptions, herpes, mouth, around
Symptom: She fantasized that she was not a member of her family, but had been given up for adoption by a rich couple Platina___ Mind, delusions, belong to her own family, does not
Symptom: His symptoms were worse whenever he stood beside a hot stove Antimonium Crudum___ Generalities, warm stove agg.
Symptom: When she got a job offer and moved to San Francisco, she wouldn't live in the city for fear that the buildings would fall on her in an earthquake Argentum Nitricum___ Mind, fear, fall upon him, high walls and building
Symptom: She got a lump in her throat as she described her problems to her doctor but when she swallowed the lump went away Ignatia___Throat, lump, swallowing, when not
Symptom: As the tears rolled down his face, he started to cough Arnica ___Cough, crying agg.
Symptom: She said her problems began when after a long day on her feet, she took a foot bath in cold water to help her hot and perspiring feet Silica___ Generalities, persperation, suppression of
Symptom: Her menses contained strings of clots of blood Crocus Sativus ___ Genetalia Fmale, menses, stringy
Symptom: He said that after the death of his father he couldn't cry even though he felt miserable inside Natrum Muriaticum___ Mind, sadness, weep, cannot
Symptom: She only had attacks of diarrhea in the daytime Petroleum___Rectum, diarrhea, daytime only
Symptom: He had a strong craving for coffee Angustara ___ Stomach, desires, coffee
Symptom: As he ate, he only got hungrier Lycopodium ___Stomach, appetite, eating increases the
Symptom: When asked if he hurt, he said he felt no pain at all Opium ___ Generalities, painlessness of complaints usually painful
Symptom: Her food cravings were for ice and sour foods Veratrum Album___Stomach, desires, ice
Symptom: She had a growth on her lower jaw Calcarea Fluorica ___Face, exostosis, lower jaw
Symptom: He had deep furrows in his forehead Lycopodium___Face, wrinkled, forehead
Symptom: Touching the pit of her throat made her cough Rumex Crispus ___ Cough, pressure, throat-pit, on
Symptom: Shortly after being vaccinated, the baby started having convulsions Silica___Generalities, convulsions, vaccination, after
Symptom: She thought she was made of glass and didn't want anyone to touch her, for fear of breaking something Thuja ___Delusions, glass, that she is made of
Symptom: As he looked out from the mountain vista, he felt dizzy Calcarea Carbonica ___ Vertigo, high places
Symptom: She has a retinal hemorrhage Crotalus Horridus___ Eye, bleeding from eyes, retinal hemorrhage
Symptom: He suffered from diarrhea with the sensation that the urging to stool was worse after he went Mercurius ___ Rectum, urging, stool, after
Symptom: She suffered from bloating, gas and flatus, and the flatus did not relieve the pains China ___ Rectum, flatus, amel., without
Symptom: He only coughed during the daytime Euphrasia ___ Cough, daytime, only
Symptom: After eating too much ice cream the night before, she was sick to her stomach Pulsatilla ___ Stomach, nausea, ice cream, after
Symptom: She was always preoccupied with business matters Bryonia ___ Mind, business, talks of
Symptom: Cigarette smoke gave him a headache Natrum Arsenicum___ Head, pain, tobacco, smoking from
Symptom: He could not urinate in public restrooms Natrum Muriaticum ___ Mind, company, aversion, presence of strangers to, during urination
Symptom: Her symptoms moved from on location to another Abrotanum___ Generalities, metastasis
Symptom: His lips were very red Sulphur ___ Face, discoloration, red, lips
Symptom: Her mind was in a fog every since she struck her head in a car accident Natrum Sulphuricum ___ Mind, confusion, injury to head, after
Symptom: She suffered from diarrhea and felt weak and faint after stool Podophyllum___ Rectum, weakness, stool, after
Symptom: The child started screaming and could only be kept quiet by carrying him Chamomilla ___ Mind, quiet, carried, only by being
Symptom: After contracting gonorrhea, he developed hardening of the testicles Clematis or Rhododendron___ Genetalia, induration, testes, gonorrhea, after
Symptom: The only comfort in his depression was to listen to music Aurum ___ Mind, sensitive, music amel.
Symptom: He had prostate problems and when he sat down it felt like he was sitting on a ball Chimaphila Umbrellata___ Rectum, lump, perineum
Symptom: She had a lot of beeding after she had a tooth extracted Phosphorus ___ Mouth, bleeding, gum, extraction of teeth, profuse after
Symptom: He had difficulty swallowing and needed to drink in order to get anything down Curare ___ Throat, swallowing, drink, must, in order to swallow
Symptom: She passed urine whenever she coughed or sneezed Causticum ___ Bladder, urination, involuntary, sneezing, when
Symptom: He could only pass urine when on his hands and knees with his forehead pressed against the floor Pareira___ Bladder, urination, retarded, knees, on the, and pressing head against the floor, can only pass urine when
Symptom: While in labor she screamed "I'm going to die!" Aconite ___ Mind, fear, death, of, labor, during
Symptom: He would eat dry rice by the hand-full Alumina ___ Stomach, desires, dry food
Symptom: He could only urinate when standing up Sarsparilla ___ Urine, retarded, standing, can only pass urine while
Symptom: Her heart palpitations left her unable to speak Naja ___ Chest, palpitations, heart, speak, unable to
Symptom: He was so sensitive to cold that he couldn't bear touching anything from the refrigerator Hepar Sulph. ___ Generalities, touching cold things agg.
Symptom: Her cough would be better after passing gas Sanguinaria ___ Cough, flatus passing amel.
Symptom: His appetite was diminished and he felt full after eating only a small cup of rice Lycopodium ___ Stomach, fullness, eating, ever so little, after
Symptom: The baby could not tolerate her mother's milk and vomited it back up Silica or Aethusa ___ Stomach, vomiting, milk, mother's
Symptom: She drank five glasses of milk every day Rhus Toxicodendron ___ Stomach, desires milk
Symptom: When I asked a question, he would stare at me blankly for a minute and then answer. Helleborus ___ Mind, answers, reflects long
Symptom: When she nursed her child the pain radiated through her entire body Phytolacca ___ Chest, pain, mamae, nipples, radiating over whole body
Symptom: He was always sleepy and described it as feeling as if he were drugged Nux Moschata ___ Sleep, sleepiness, intoxication, as from
Symptom: She coughed so hard that her nose started bleeding Drosera___ Nose, epistaxis, cough, with
Symptom: His chief complaint was a large flat smooth wart on the palm of his hand Dulcamara ___ Extremities, warts, hand, palm, flat
Symptom: After climbing a flight of stairs she would be out of breath Calcarea Carbonica___ Respiration difficult, ascending
Symptom: His posture was always stooped Sulphur___ Generalities, stoop shouldered
Symptom: Sitting and looking at the moon always brought out the romantic in her Antimonium Crudum ___ Mind, sentimental, moonlight in
Symptom: He complained that his wrist felt bruised and lame Ruta Graveolens ___ Extremities, lameness, wrist, bruised, as if
Symptom: He had been out celebrating last night with food and drink and woke up with a headache the next morning Nux Vomica ___ Head, pain, eating, overeating, after
Symptom: Her tonsils were so large they almost filled her throat Baryta Carbonica ___ Throat, enlargement of tonsils
Symptom: He had twisted his ankle and found that ice packs greatly relieved the pain Ledum ___ Extremities, pain, cold applied amel.
Symptom: She had the sensation of a hair on her tongue Silica ___ Mouth, hair, tongue
Symptom: Her eyes hurt whenever she did needlepoint Ruta Graveolens ___ Eyes, pain, using
Symptom: He suffered a great fright and was dazed and glassy eyed Opium___ Eyes, glassy appearance
Symptom: The more she coughed, the worse her cough became Ignatia ___ Cough, coughing agg.
Symptom: His finger nails were thick and deformed Graphites ___ Extremities, thick, nails, fingers
Symptom: She suffered from wrist-drop Plumbum ___ Extremities, paralysis, wrist, extensors
Symptom: He was tight with his money and would take great pains to save a few cents Arsenicum ___ Mind, avarice
Symptom: She was terribly afraid to go down into the cellar because it was so dark Stramonium ___ Mind, fear, dark
Symptom: He suffered from motion sickness and became nauseous whatever the mode of transportation Cocculus ___ Stomach, nausea, motion, on
Symptom: Her hair was prematurely gray Lycopodium ___ Head, hair, gray, becomes
Symptom: After she had taken a fall her lymph nodes swelled and were as hard as a stone Conium ___ Generalities, induration, glands, injuries, after
Symptom: After his boss had cheated him out of a promised raise, he came down with a terrible headache Staphysagria ___ Indignation, bad effects following
Symptom: He laid sick in bed witha throbbing headache and when I bumped his bed he cried out in pain Belladonna ___ Head, pain, jar, from any
Symptom: She took sick after breaking up with her boyfriend Ignatia ___ Mind. love, ailments from disappointed
Symptom: He had colitis with a constant feeling he needed to defecate Mercurius Corrosivus ___ Rectum, urging, constant
Symptom: When the nurse tried to examine her injured hand, she pulled it away saying, "Don't touch it!" Arnica ___ Mind, fear, approaching him, of others, lest he be touched
Symptom: He would let out a loud shriek before his epileptic convulsions. Cuprum ___ Mind, shrieking, convulusions, before
Symptom: His rheumatism alternated with attacks of diarrhea Kali Bichromicum ___ Rectum, diarrhea, alternating with rheumatism
Symptom: She had an earache and would scream out in pain whenever cold air hit it Hepar Sulph ___ Ear, pain, air, in cold
Symptom: She could feel her uterus shift within her as she moved about Helonias ___ Genetalia, female, conscious of the uterus
Symptom: He had a dry cough, resembling a seal's bark Spongia ___ Cough, barking
Symptom: If you ever crossed her she would never forgive you, no matter how much you apologized Nitric Acid ___Mind, hatred, persons, who had offended, unmoved by apologies
Symptom: His joints were stiff when he first got up Rhus Tox ___ Extremeties, stiffness, joints, rising, on
Symptom: Her tongue had patches of different color Taraxicum ___ Mouth, mapped, tongue
Symptom: If you asked him a question, he would talk for an hour Lachesis ___ Mind, loquacity
Symptom: She loved to dance all night to loud, wild music Tarentula ___ Mind, dancing
Symptom: His arm swelled up after he was stung by an insect Ledum ___ Skin, stings of insects
Symptom: She was an eleven year old girl who complained of regular headaches Calcarea Phosphorica ___ Head, pain, school girls
Symptom: He had trouble breathing whenever he ate too much until he belched Carbo Veg ___ Respiration difficult, eructations amel.
Symptom: He had seminal emissions every night Natrum Phosphorica ___ Genetalia, seminal emissions, night, every
Symptom: She was very sensitive to the smell of eggs and claimed to be able to smell them a block away Colchicum ___ Nose, smell, sensitive to eggs
Symptom: He had difficulty swallowing and had to drink in order to get anything down Curare ___ Throat, swallowing, difficult, must drink at every mouthful to wash down the food
Symptom: She had a pain in her liver that was soothed by rubbing the area Podophyllum ___ Abdomen, pain, liver, rubbing amel.
Symptom: The newborn baby struggled to breathe and was blue in the face Laurocerasus ___ Respiration, asphyxia, new-born infant
Symptom: He developed conjunctivitis with a thick, yellow, bland discharge Pulsatilla ___ Eyes, discharges, yellow
Symptom: Her cough was so bad that she felt as if her throat would be torn apart and grasped at her larynx at each cough Allium Cepa ___ Cough, grasping larynx involuntarily at every cough, feels as though larynx would be torn
Symptom: He was awkened at night by pains in his bones Aurum ___ Generalities, pain, bones, night
Symptom: Her face looked dirty no matter how often she washed it Psorinum ___Face, discoloration, dirty looking
Symptom: He was dismayed when he noticed his pubic hair was falling out Natrum Muriaticum ___ Genetalia, hair, falling out
Symptom: When he spit, it hung as a long string from his mouth Kali Bichromicum ___ Mouth, saliva, ropy
Symptom: She had cracks on the heel of her foot Lycopodium ___ Extremities, cracked, feet, heel
Symptom: Nothing was ever right for the child, he was dissatisfied with everything and easily bored Calcarea Phoshorica ___ Mind, discontented
Symptom: She had a sharp pain in her kidney that radiated down her leg Berberis ___ Urinary organs, Kidneys, Pain, radiating
Symptom: She had diarrhea and would be ravenously hungry after the stool Petroleum ___ Stomach, appetite increased, stool, after
Symptom: He had pneumonia and even talking tired him out Stannum ___ Larynx & Trachea, voice, weak, talking, after
Symptom: Her toothache was relieved when she clenched her teeth Phytolacca ___ Teeth, clinch together, constant inclination to
Symptom: He had a bad case of dandruff that was improved by washing Graphites ___ Head, erruptions, scales, washing amel.
Symptom: She started screaming, "I can't stand the pain for another second!" Chamomilla ___ Mind, impatience, pain, from
Symptom: He made critical comments about the odors of others, even though his own hygiene was not the best Sulphur ___ Nose, odors, offensive
Symptom: Whenever her lower back pain struck, she had to sleep on the floor to get any relief Natrum Muriaticum or Rhus Toxicodendron ___ Back, pain, lumbar region, lying on something hard amel.
Symptom: She would not eat sugar, saying it gave her flatulence Argentum Nitricum ___ Rectum, flatus, sugar, after
Symptom: He would have errections at inconvenient times that would not go away for days. Cantharis ___ Genetalia, errections, continued
Symptom: She had deep cracks in the tips of her fingers Graphites or Petroleum ___ Extremeties, cracked fingers
Symptom: She would start whenever she heard anyone sneeze Borax ___ Mind, starting, sneezing, at
Symptom: Rather than admit the force of a proposition he disagreed with he would make the most illogical objections Argentum Nitricum ___ Mind, obstinate, against whatever was proposed, he had the queerest objections
Symptom: She was terribly afraid of dogs Belladonna ___ Mind, fear, dogs, of
Symptom: The tear ducts of the newborn baby were blocked Silicea ___ Eye, stricture of lachrymal duct
Symptom: She said, "Your kind words make me feel better already." Pulsatilla ___ Mind, consolation amel.
Symptom: He would bite the inside of his cheek whenever he was eating Ignatia ___ Mouth, biting, cheek when biting or chewing
Symptom: When she slept she would be woken up by a sensation like an electric shock Argentum Metallicum ___ Mind, starting, electric, as if, shocks throughout the body, sleep during
Symptom: Her symptoms changed from day to day and there was no rhyme or reason to them Pulsatilla ___ Generalities, contradictory and alternating states
Symptom: After he blew his nose it felt icy cold inside Cistus Canadensis ___ Nose, coldness inside, blowing, after
Symptom: Any effort to study made her tired. Picric Acid ___ Generalities, weariness, mental exertion
Symptom: He couldn't stand wearing a hat on his head Lycopodium ___ Head, hat, aversion to
Symptom: He said he felt fragile, as if he were a piece of china. Thuja ___ Mind, delusions, body, delicate
Symptom: She would fall into a depression if she was by herself Arsenicum Album ___ Mind. sadness, alone, when
Symptom: He grew angry if someone sympathized with his problems Natrum Muriaticum ___ Mind, consolation agg.
Symptom: She would hold her head in her hands when she coughed Bryonia or Nux Vomica ___ Head, hands, holds head with, on coughing
Symptom: Her fingers were weak from playing the piano Curare ___ Extremeties, weakness, fingers, playing the piano
Symptom: He suffeered from prostatitis and the only peculiar symptom was a strong craving for nuts Cubeba ___ Stomach, desires, nuts
Symptom: Whenever she blew her nose, she would have a sharp pain in her face Mercurius ___ Face, pain, blowing nose agg.
Symptom: He said that smoking tobacco had ruined his digestion Nux Vomica ___ Stomach, indigestion, abuse of drugs, after
Symptom: She would have hysterical attacks of asthma Moschus ___Respiration, asthmatic, hysterical
Symptom: He had a fever where one cheek was red and hot, but the other was pale and cold Aconite ___ Fever, side, one cheek read and hot, the other pale and cold
Symptom: Staring at anything would give her a headache Onosmodium ___Head, pain, looking fixedly at anything, from
Symptom: She was sure people were laughing at her behind her back Bartya Carb ___Mind, delusions, laughed, imagines that she is
Symptom: He could not talk to you and do anything with his hands at the same time Helleborus ___ Extremeties, awkwardness, hands, diverted to talking, when
Symptom: The baby was cross and irritable while teething Chamomilla ___ Mind, irritability, dentition, during
Symptom: After he spoke, he would be unsure whether he made the remark or someone else had Alumina ___Mind, confusion, identity, as to his
Symptom: The old woman was threatened with the loss of her toe from gangrene Secale ___ Extremities, gangrene, toes, senile
Symptom: The pain from his kidney stone made him vomit Ocinum Canum ___ Kidney, pain, cutting, ureters, vomiting, with
Symptom: Her sciatica was aggravated by sneezing Tellurium ___ Extremeties, pain, lower limbs, sciatica, sneezing
Symptom: He would feel bloated after eating until he passed some gas Lycopodium ___ Abdomen, distension, flatus, passing, amel.
Symptom: She complained of bleeding sores on her tongue Borax ___ Mouth, apthae, tongue, sensitive and bleeding
Symptom: Although he was cold, he did not want to be covered Camphora or Secale ___Chill, uncovering amel.
Symptom: There was a red triangular patch on the tip of her tongue Rhus Toxicodendron ___ Mouth, tongue, discoloration, red, tip, triangular
Symptom: She would sleep in a kneeling position with her face in the pillow Medorrhinum ___ Sleep, position, knees, on the, with face forced into the pillow
Symptom: His symptoms would be worse after taking a nap in the afternoon Staphysagria ___ Generalities, sleep, after, afternoon, agg.
Symptom: He would have an attack of diarrhea in the morning, but only after he had already been up and about Natrum Sulphuricum ___ Rectum, diarrhea, rising after, and moving about
Symptom: He could hardly lift his arms the day after he first joined the gym Rhus Toxicodendron ___ Extremeties, stiffness, uper limbs, manual labor, after
Symptom: She said the pain was like being stabbed with icicles Agaricus ___ Generalities, pain, stitching, internally, cold needles, like
Symptom: He would have an attack of diarrhea and gas after eating sweets Argentum Nitricum ___ Rectum, diarrhea, sugar,after
Symptom: She felt especially cold when she went to be for the night Carbo Animalis ___ Chill, night, bed, in
Symptom: He would come down with a cough whenever the weather turned cold and damp Dulcamara ___ Cough, air, damp cold
Symptom: She was afraid that something bad was about to happen, though she didn't know what it might be Phosphorus ___ Mind, fear, happen, something will
Symptom: He had cracks in the skin on his hands and feet Sarsparilla ___ Extremeties, cracked skin, feet
Symptom: She would constantly recall how she broke up with her boyfriend, though it had been years since it happend Natrum Muriaticum ___ Mind, dwells, on past disagreeable circumstances
Symptom: One of his feet felt cold and the other hot Lycopodium ___ Extremities, heat, one foot, coldness of the other
Symptom: The little girl was as stubborn as she was fat Calcarea Carbonica ___ Mind, obstinate, children, inclined to grow fat
Symptom: He was deathly afraid he would step on a needle Silica ___ Mind, fear, pins, of
Symptom: Delerious with fever, she would remove all her bedclothes Hyoscyamus ___ Mind, naked, in delirium
Symptom: He came down with a headache after hearing some good news Coffea ___ Mind, surprises, pleasant, affectations, after
Symptom: If a noise woke her, she could not get back to sleep until she checked all her house to make sure a thief had not entered. Arsenicum Album ___ Mind, fear, robbers, of
Symptom: He said he wanted air, fresh air. Carbo Vegetabilis ___Generalities, air, open, desire for
Symptom: Her menses were very heavy and worse from motion. Erigeron ___ Genetalia, female, menses, copious, motion, from
Symptom: He had a sadistic side to his personality Anacardium ___ Mind, cruelty
Symptom: She could not cross her legs without using her hands to move them Lathyrus ___ Extremities, crossing the legs impossible
Symptom: He had a fever with profuse perspiration. The perspiration would stop when he fell asleep and return when he awoke. Sambucus Niger ___ Perspiration, sleep, dry heat, prespiration on waking
Symptom: She had a heache with the sensation that a piece of string was threaded throuhh her eyeballs and pulling them back Paris Quadrifolia ___ Head, pain, drawing, eyes above, feel as if projecting, with a sensation as if a thread were tightly drawn through eyeball and backward into middle brain, sight weak
Symptom: He reported he smelled coffee when none was around Pulsatilla ___ Nose, odors, coffee, of
Symptom: She would suffer from whitlows whenevr the weather turned cold Hepar Sulph ___ Extremeties, felon, winter, every
Symptom: He felt a pain in his prostate after he urinated Pulsatilla ___ Prostate gland, pain, urination, after
Symptom: She reported a boney growth in her face Hecla Lava ___ Face, exotosis
Symptom: Her back pain forced her to get out of bed in the early hours of the morning Kali carb ___ Back, pain, 3 am, driving him out of bed
Symptom: In his delerium he threw off his bedclothes and muttered nonsense Hyoscyamus ___ Mind, speech, prattling, lies naked in bed
Symptom: He coughed up a thick, sticky mucus, which stuck to his lips and teeth Kali Bichromicum ___Expectoration, difficult, adhering to throat, teeth, and lips
Symptom: She had gotten a sore throat from singing with a band Argentum Nitricum ___ Larynx and trachea, inflamation, larynx, singers in
Symptom: He felt as if a minute was as long as a thousand years Cannabis indica ___ Mind, delusions, time, exageration of
Symptom: She couldn't sleep when she was away from home Capsicum ___ Sleep, sleeplessness, homesickness, from
Symptom: He had the flu and the worst part was the aches and pains in his arms and legs Eupatorium Perfoliatum ___ Extremities, pains, influenza, during
Symptom: When she had trouble breathing walking around slowly would help the problem Ferrum ___ Respiration, difficult, walking, slowly, about, amel.
Symptom: His face turned blue and he started to twitch Cuprum ___ Face, discoloration, bluish, convulsions, with
Symptom: She lay in bed after she hurt her back and found she had to sit up before she could turn over Nux Vomica ___ Back, pain, turning, in bed, must sit up to turn over
Symptom: He started to cry when he was thanked for his help Lycopodium ___Mind, weeping, thanked, when
Symptom: She got an eye infection that bothered her most when she washed Sulphur ___ Eye inflammation, washing, agg.
Symptom: Her coughing was accompanied by tremedous sleepiness Antimonium Tartaricum ___ Sleep,sleepiness, cough, with
Symptom: The child suffered from projectile vomiting Veratrum Album ___ Stomach, vomiting, forcible
Symptom: He had a cold and the discharge from his nose burned, but the discharge from his eyes did not Allium Cepa ___ Nose, discharge,excoriating, bland discharge from eyes, with
Symptom: The child came down with a case of the croup during the night Spongia ___ Larynx and Trachea, croup, night
Symptom: The examination showed that her right ovary was enlarged and hard Apis Mellifica ___ Genetalia, female, hardness, ovaries, right
Symptom: He said his writ felt bruised and lame from overuse in his job Ruta Graveolens ___Extremeties, lameness, wrist, bruised, as if
Symptom: Her uvula was swollen and looked like a bag filled with water Apis Mellifica ___ Throat, swelling, uvula, oedemateous
Symptom: He was playing baseball and was hit in the eye by a pitch Symphytum ___Eye, injuries from
Symptom: The feverish child gave out a sudden, shrill, piercing scream Apis Mellifica ___ Mind, shrieking, brain cry
Symptom: He was so wrapped up in his work that he couldn't sleep Nux Vomica ___ Sleep, sleeplessness, mental strain, after
Symptom: The pains in her stomach started after she got angry Colocynthis ___Stomach, pain, anger, after
Symptom: He said it felt as if something was lodged in his nose and he kept blowing it to get it out Teucrium ___ Nose, blow, compelled to, sensation of a large body in the nose
Symptom: She was averse to biting anything, as the tips of her teeth were very sensitive Sulphur ___ Teeth, sensitive, points of
Symptom: He was a blue baby Laurocerasus ___Generalities, cyanosis, infants, in
Symptom: Her breath seemed unusually hot as it came out her nose Kali Bichromicum ___ Nose, heath, breath seems hot
Symptom: Something had got stuck in his eye and was bothering it Aconite ___ Eye, inflammation, foreign bodies
Symptom: Her broken arm was slow to heal Calcarea Phosphorica ___ Generalities, slow repair of broken bones
Symptom: The soles of his feet were unusually tough Arsenicum Album ___ Extremeties, hardness, skin of soles
Symptom: She felt a shock in her stomach before the convulsions started Cicuta ___ Stomach, shock, colvulsions, before
Symptom: Her menses would only occur at night Bovista ___ Genetalia, female, menses, night only
Symptom: His urine had a smoky color Terebinthina ___ Urine, color, smoke-color
Symptom: Her menses would only occur during the day Pulsatilla ___ Genetalia, female, menses, daytime only
Symptom: When he blew his nose the discharge was green and streaked with blood Phosphorus ___ Nose, discharge, greenish, blood streaked
Symptom: After the least exercise her face would be beet red Ferrum ___ Face, discoloration, exertion, after
Symptom: He was afraid that unless he kept moving his heart would stop beating Gelsemium ___ Chest, cease, fears unless constantly on the move the heart would cease
Symptom: The awareness that others felt sorry for her made her start to cry Natrum Muriaticum ___Mind, weeping, pitied, if he believes he is
Symptom: His prostate gland was as hard as a stone Conium ___ Prostate gland, hardness
Symptom: Her chest burnt and she had a dry cough Iodum ___ Chest, pain, burning, dry cough
Symptom: He had severe stomach cramps after eating some bad meat Arsenicum Album ___ Stomach, pain, cramping, sausage, spoiled
Symptom: The schoolgirl complained of menstrual cramps after embarrassing herself in front of her class Colocynthis ___ Abdomen, pain, mortification, after
Symptom: He thought about killing himself, but restrained himself for the sake of his family Natrum Sulphuricum ___ Mind, loathing life, must restrain herself to prevent doing herself injury
Symptom: She would scold her children until she was blue in the face and fainted Moschus ___ Mind, abusive, scolds until the lips are blue and eyes stare and she falls down fainting
Symptom: Even though he knew it was foolish, he couldn't help thinking that whenever his wife went out by herself she was seeing another man Lachesis ___ Mind, jealousy, as foolish as it is irresistable
Symptom: The pain from the kidney stone caused him to vomit Ocimum Canum ___ Kidneys, pain, cutting, ureters, vomiting with
Symptom: She was worried that her eczema would never get better Psorinum ___ Mind, despair, itching of skin, from
Symptom: He got the hiccups after drinking whiskey Ranunculus Bulbosa ___ Stomach, hiccough, alcoholic drinks, after
Symptom: The child would have paroxysms of cough, after which she would spit out large amounts of mucus Coccus Cacti ___ Expectoration, copius, paroxysmal cough, after each
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