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ch 5 pirates

Political Established a hereditary monarchical rule
interaction with the environment Yellow river, agriculture
Art and architecture Pottery workshops, bronze foundry, modest houses, palace like structures
Technology Bronze weapons, started doing projects for flood controls
Xia dynasty
Shang dynasty
Political Military forces, political allies, had authority over rulers in smaller towns
Interactions with the environment Yellow river, agriculture
Religion Buried kings along with other friends, servants, and valuable objects
Art and architecture Royal palaces, residential neighborhoods, bone carvers, lavish tombs, and a 33 feet wall
Technology Writing systems, lavish tombs, wagons, carts, chariots, and bronze metallurgy
Economy Trade and crafts
Society They revolved around big cities and had agricultural villages
Zhou dynasty
Political They didn't have any law codes, were ruled by decree and proclamation, bureaucracies, military, decentralized governments, set tax systems, the ruler had to rule fairly
Interactions with the environment Agriculture
Religion They believed in mandate of heaven as well that, earthly events were related to heavenly affairs
Art and architecture
Technology Iron weapons
Society They had small districts
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