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ch 5

5000-3000 B.C.E Yangshao society
2200-1766 B.C.E Xia dynasty
1766-1122 B.C.E Shang dynasty
1122-256 B.C.E Zhou dynasty
403-221 B.C.E Period of warring states
Yao First sage king
Shun Second sage king
Yu Third sage king
Xia Dynasty in China that started in 2200 B.C.E
Shang Dynasty in china that started in 1776 B.C.E
Zhou Implemented some region into political made some advancements to technology
Chu Powerful state in Yangzi which challenge the Zhou
Mandate of heaven If you had heavenly powers then you had the right to modern
Legitimacy Lawfulness of authenticity over or of something
Conspicuous Attracting notice or attention standing out
Mariners A sailor or in this case a chinese sailor
Scribes A person who writes up and copies documents
Secular Turning down anything that has nothing to do with religion
Yangzi river People settled in this area and provided as a border from enemies
Yellow river A special river that was in many chinese tales
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