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Chapter 9

India in the Classical era

Explain the Gupta Empire (Empires) - It was smaller than the Mauryan Empire - Basic policy, in the hands of their allies in the various regions of their empire. - Ended in two empires (Gupta and Munghal)
Explain the Kushan Empire - It put an end to the Indo- Greek kingdom - Successful empire - Ambitious kings who wanted to expand the empire - They made trade and travel easier.
Explain the decline of the Mauryan Empire? - Police and empire did not survive - Financial difficulties - Military and bureaucrats were expensive - This empire disappeared were expensive - India fell into the hands of Greek speaking conquers (Alexander of Macedon)
Who is Ashoka Maura? (people) *Chandragupta's grandson - He tried to conquer Kalinga and bring it under the Mauryan control. - He is known as a governor, not a conqueror - The southern region escaped his control. - Bureaucracy
Other important Ashoka Maura facts * Capital: Pataliputra (developed polices for the empire) * Buddhist - Expansion of agriculture
What was the Arthashastra? - This book was a manual that has instructions on the uses of power and the principles of government - Methods of administrating power
What dynasty unified China? The Mauryan dynasty unified India - Persian emperor Darius conquered Northern India
Created by: Andrea3102