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Industrialization is best described by the development of what to produce goods? machinery
Britain's economy supported industrialization because business people did what? invested
How did Britain’s banking system support industrialization? loans
What are the factors of production needed for industrialization? land labor capital entrepreneurship
How did investors make money off the construction of roads? tolls
What was the life expectancy for rural workers? thirty eight
What was the life expectancy for city workers? seventeen
Which was one of the biggest health problems in cities? cholera
What were three services offered in cities that had major problems? housing police education
What were three problems in city planning and codes? development plans sanitary and building codes
How did the number of cities with more than 100,000 people change from 1800 to 1850? Grew from 22 to 47
How did livestock breeders improve the quality of their livestock? allowed best to breed
Among the natural resources needed for industrialization, what is needed to fuel machines? water coal
Among the natural resources needed for industrialization, what is needed to construct machines, tools and buildings? iron ore
Among the natural resources needed for industrialization, what is needed for inland transport? rivers
Among the natural resources needed for industrialization, what is needed for merchant ships to be able to dock? harbors
invented the Spinning mule – made thread that was stronger, finer and more consistent. Samuel Crompton
invented the Flying shuttle – boat shaped price of wood, attached yarn and doubled what a weaver could do in a day. John Kay
invented the Spinning Jenny – a spinner could work 8 threads at a time. James Hargraves
invented the Seed drill - would sow seeds in well placed rows. Jethro Tull
invented the Water frame – used water power to drive spinning wheels. Richard Arkwright
invented the Power loom – sped up the speed of weaving Edmund Cartwright
invented the Cotton Gin – multiplied the amount of cotton that could be cleaned. Eli Whitney
Improved the Steam engine James Watts
Known for adding steam engines to Steamboats Robert Fulton
Improve roads by creating beds of large stones for drainage with smooth crushed rock on top. John McAdam
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