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chapter 9


when did Chandragupta Maurya began conquest? in 320s B.C.E. and he founded Maurya dynasty stretching from Bactria to Ganges
were did the policies were writte ? Policies were written on rocks or pillars
Ashoka Maurya he conquered the kingdom of kalinga 260 B.C.E. he had a tightly organized bureaucracy. establish capital at pataliputra
after Ashoka Maurya death the empire declined because of financial problems
The Gupta dynasty 375-415 C.E. Smaller and more decentralized than Maurya. Invasion of White Huns weakened the empire. After the fifth century C.E., Gupta dynasty continued in name only. Large regional kingdoms dominated political life in India
Towns and trade Active marketplaces, especially along Ganges. Trade with Persia, China, Indian Ocean basin, Indonesia, southeast Asia, Mediterranean basin
what was the social class ? These social groups functioned as sub castes, or jati Vaishyas and shudras saw unprecedented wealth Old beliefs and values of early Aryan society became increasingly irrelevant
Created by: leonardo3102