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T. E. Chap. 5

Traditions and Encounters Chapter 5

Near what river was ancient China established? The Yellow River.
King Yu was the founder of what cultural tradition? He was the founder of the dynasty.
The "Mandate of Heaven" A moral code that rulers/emperors had to follow.
Why was it called the yellow river? A mineral deposited in that rives gave it a yellow tint and made land fertile.
Who founded the Xia Dynasty? King Yu, about 2200 B.C.E.
What did King Yu do? Hero of flood control and was a supporter of hard work.
The Shang Dynasty (What Year?) 1766-1122 B.C.E.
What did the Shang dynasty bring? Bronze metallurgy, agricultural surpluses, a vast network of walled towns etc.
What were two state names during the Shang dynasty? Shang and Sanxingdui
The Zhou dynasty (What Year?) 1122-256 B.C.E.
What did the Zhou use in order to justify the Shang dynasty overthrow? The Mandate of Heaven
1st Millenium B.C.E.? The spread of Iron Metallurgy throughout China.
When did the Nomadic invasion hit and what dynasty was sacked? The Zhou dynasty, 711 B.C.E.
5000–3000 B.C.E.? The Yangshao society
403–221 B.C.E.? Period of the Warring States
Who mostly worked for elites? Free artisans and craftsmen.
What type of society? A patriarchal society.
Who provided labour? Landless peasants.
What types of jobs did women do? They made wine,weaved and raised silkworms.
Slaves were mostly... War prisoners.
Early dynasties ruled based off of what? Family and kinship groups.
What did they worship or believe? The venerated their ancestors and believed in their presence and influence.
What did they when a death occurred? Hint: Similiar to another civilization They buried the departed with material goods.
When did the patriarchal society start to take place and females devalued? After the Shang dynasty.
What did oracles use to predict? They used "dragon" bones, heated them, then read them.
What was the transition for Chinese writing? From pictograph to ideograph
What was Chinese religion based off of? Familial bonds and their ancestors.
Created by: alexaCA3202