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State, Society, and the Quest of Salvation in India

What is Arthashastra? Detailed instructions on uses of power and principle of governing.
What kind of government did Chandragupta rule over? Bureaucratic
What was the name of Chandragupta's advisor? Kautalya
Why did Chandragupta leave his throne? To become a monk and live an ascetic life.
When did Ashoka begin his reign? 268-232 B.C.E
Pataliputra? Thriving and cosmopolitan city
Mahabharata and Ramayana portrayed what towards women? As weak , willed and emotional creatures .
4 main castes? Brahmins ( priests) , Kshatriyas ( warriors and aristocrats), Vaishyas( peasants and merchants ) , and Shudras (serfs)
what is jainisim? Religion: teaches the way of liberation and bliss is to live life of harmlessness and renunciation,
principle of Ahisma? non-violence to other living things or their souls
Founder of buddhism? Siddhartha Gautama
Four noble truths? All life involves suffering , the desire is the cause of suffering, the elimination of desire brings an end suffering , a disciplined life and conducted in accordance with the Noble Eightfold path brings the elimination of desire.
Eightfold path? right belief, right re-solve, right speech, right behavior , right occupation, right effort, right contemplation, and right meditation.
Nirvana? State of perfect spiritual independence
stupas? shrines housing relics of buddha and his first disciplines that pilgrims venerated while meditating on buddhist values
Boddhisatvas? Individuals who reached spiritual perfection and merited their reward to nirvana.
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