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CH.5 Study Guid

country that was once east pakistan is now called what bang la desh
one of indias main rivers ganges river
what group of people invaded india from the north and developed the caste system aryians
indias largest city mumbai
an important math principal developed in india was place value
what river basin was home to indias ancient civilization indus
a main religion in india today hinduism
seasonal winds that bring lots of rain monsoon
a line of rulors that succeeded each other in the same family dynasty
free from suffering nirvanna
a cotton mateirial that usally has a checked fingerprint calico
a person broke the rules of his caste ,and was put out of his caste for the rest of his life outcastes
when someone or something dies its reborn into some other newborn man or animal reincarnation
built as a tomb for his favorite wife taj mahal
first european to reach india by sailing around africa vasco de gama
invaded india in the 300s B.C. and took cotten goods from india to europe alexander the great
first prime minister of india nehru
encouraged the people to refuse to obey the laws of the british goverment of india in order to achieve their goals gandi
the father of modern missions william carey
means ''enlighted one'' buddha
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