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chapter 5

collected information about early eastern China

Ancient Chinese legends tell the stories of: Heroic figures who invented agriculture, domesticated animals, taught people to marry and live in families, created music, introduced the calendar, and instructed people in creativity.
5000-3000BCE Yangshuo society
2200-1766BCE Xia Dynasty
1766-1122BCE Shang Dynasty
1122-256BCE Zhou Dynasty
403-221BCE Period of the Warring States
Xia Dynasty (tier 3) The first Chinese dynasty established around 2200 BCE along the Yellow River with Yu as their king and Erlitou as their capital.
Huang He River (tier 3) A river that was nicknamed "China's Sorrow"
Yangzi River (tier 3) A river of central China, long ago, used to cultivate rice; runs from the Qinghai mountains of Tibet to Nanjing and Shanghai.
Loess Soil (tier 2) Yellowish-colored dirt used as soil in Chinese agriculture during the Xia dynasty.
Shang Dynasty (tier 3) The second Chinese dynasty established 1766BCE to 1122BCE. It had its capital moved six times, the kings were buried with thousands of subjects.
Mandate of Heaven (tier 3) The right to rule; only given to virtuous leaders.
Zhou Dynasty (tier 3) The third Chinese dynasty established around 1122BCE to 256BCE; Overthrew the Shang; it had a decentralized administration
Ancestor worship (tier 3) There was a belief that in order to prosper, the family must honor their dead to work as one; usually the role of the male was to honor the dead with rites and ceremonies.
Oracle Bones (tier 3) Bones of tortoise/sheep that contained inscribed questions to spirits; cracks were left and were only read by fortune tellers after being thrown in a fire.
Xia Dynasty Geography: Name of their source river. The yellow river.
Xia Dynasty Geography: name of the yellow colored soil that was carried by the yellow river. Loess soil.
Xia Dynasty Geography: Explain the river's nickname "China's Sorrow" Extensive flooding.
Xia Dynasty Geography: Describe the Loess soil. Rich soil, soft and easy to work with.
Xia Dynasty Political: about when was it established? 2200BCE
Xia Dynasty Political: The founder of the Xia Dynasty. The legendary king Yu. He was the the hero of flood control.
Xia Dynasty Political: The possible capital of this dynasty. Erlitou
Xia Dynasty Political: What word can be used to describe the Xia Dynasty 2200 BCE Vigorous
Xia Dynasty Political: What kind of system did Yu make?..... which is meant to have only qualified rulers
Xia Dynasty Technology: What were their tools made out of? Stone or bone.
Xia Dynasty Technology: Bronze vessels were..... smelted
Xia Dynasty Technology: A calendar system was devised which used both.... lunar and solar movements.
Xia Dynasty Economy: Economy was based on Agriculture
Xia Dynasty Art: Beautiful Jade Jewelery. was something they made
Xia Dynasty Religion: They Prayed for their ancestors.
Xia Dynasty Society: What type of society? It was a slavery society.
Shang Dynasty Technology: What did they have? Bronze metallurgy and horse drawn chariots
Shang Dynasty Politics: Kings expanded their rule to northeastern china Kings claimed some of regions' surplus agriculture.
Shang Dynasty Politics: Like the Xia Dynasty, they relied on... alies
Shang Dynasty Politics: Size of Military huge, and abundant
Shang Dynasty Society: Society revolved around... several large cities
Shang Dynasty Society: Two main capitals were... Ao and Yin
Zhou Dynasty Politics: How much do we know about their politics? Little information survives to illustrate the principles of law, justice, and administration
Zhou Dynasty Politics: their military was good enough to overthrow the shang dynasty
Zhou Dynasty Religion: The mandate of heaven It means Sons of heaven meaning they venerated their ancestors.
Zhou dynasty religion: The ruler was the link between heaven and earth
Zhou dynasty religion: If the ruler was failing... nature would show everyone they are failing
Zhou dynasty technology: What other metallurgy? iron
Zhou dynasty society: Mandate of heaven brought china... to a harmonious time.
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