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Chapter 5 Stack

Required for HW

What time period was the Yangshao society dominant in East Asia? Circa 5000-3000 B.C.E
When did the Xia dynasty exist? Circa 2200-1766 B.C.E
When did the Shang dynasty take over? Circa 1766-1122 B.C.E
The Zhou dynasty? Circa 1122-256 B.C.E
What period in time was considered as the Warring States? Circa 403-221 B.C.E
What is a dynasty? a sequence of rulers from the same blood line, political power is controlled by one monarchial family.
What allowed for these societies to start? Agriculture in the Yellow and Yangzhi river valleys
What were the politics of early societies in East Asia? Small groups controlled a small territory, and some of these groups expanded their control over other territories to create dynasty control.
What was an advantage that the early Chinese societies had over Mesopotamian societies? The area in where they started their civilization had typical rainfall, which allowed for early cultivators to avoid creating a complex irrigation system
How did a new successor for a dynasty get selected? They look for the first born legitimate son of the current ruler.
What does legitimate mean? In family matters, it refers to a child given birth to by a mother and their spouse. In politics, it means that something abides by the rules,
What does conspicuous mean? Attracts attention, stands out from the rest
What is the Mandate of Heaven? an ancient Chinese belief that says that heaven is the deciding power that gives rule to an emperor as long as they can rule well and fairly
What does Secular mean? denoting attitudes, activities or other things without religious basis.
Who were the three great kings that reigned before the creation of the Xia dynasty? Emperor Yao, Emperor Shun, and Emperor Yu
Which of the great kings/sage kings created the Xia dynasty? Emperor Yu
What 3 teachings did the great kings leave behind that would be an influence in later generations of the civilization? Hard-work, harmonious living, and family solidarity
How was the Xia dynasty founded? Emperor Yu organized effective flood control projects, which let social organization to begin, and people needed someone to maintain order, A.K.A Emperor Yu.
How were the politics of the Xia dynasty? There is not any real evidence of their political institutions, however it is believed to have been the Xia king ruling over the leaders of small villages.
Xia religion?` No real evidence of religion for the Xia dynasty
Xia economy? No evidence of economy, however it could be assumed that trading was done domestically
Xia society? Not enough evidence remains to make assumptions on Xia society
How did the Shang come into power? The last Xia king was corrupt, and his people organized a coup to overthrow him. Eventually, the Shang dynasty emerged to power
Where did the Shang dynasty emerge? In the eastern and southern areas of the Xia realm.
What does this tell us of dynasties? A dynasty emerges by removing the dynasty in power and taking control over the realm. Most potential dynasties start small, and eventually gain power.
What type of government was used in the two dynasties aforementioned? A bureaucratic theology.
What technological advances where found in the Shang dynasty? Bronze metallurgy and horse drawn chariots
What does this tell us about the Shang dynasty? They most likely started encountering Indo-European migrators what brought about these technological advances.
How was the military of the Shang dynasty? Slurpus foods allowed for a huge maintain in military
How did the Zhou dynasty take over? They overthrew the last Shang king as the Shang founder did to the last Xia king.
How did the Zhou dynasty justify their overthrowing of the Shang dynasty? They created the belief of the mandate of heaven, calling the first Zhou king the "son of heaven"
How was their governmental system during this time period? The "son of heaven" would appoint relatives to govern over a specific region in the realm.
What was the consequence of this type of government? The central government had weak power, and several regional powers emerged.
What did the Zhou dynasty show evidence of? Iron metallurgy in all regions of the realm.
With several regional powers around, what happened to the Zhou dynasty when the capital was attacked by a nomadic group? The capital fell, letting the regional powers become independent of each other.
What is the term used for this time period in history? The Warring states time period.
When did the nomadic invasion happen in the Zhou dynasty? Circa 711 B.C.E
When did the Zhou king abdicate his rule over the realm? Circa 256 B.C.E
How was the social order of this time? Aristocracy was hereditary, men were recognized as superiors, and everyone venerated their ancestors, creating family solidarity.
How does family solidarity apply to the governmental beliefs of the Zhou dynasty? The 'son of heaven' is a descendant of the heavens, or the ancestors of everyone. This means that everyone has familial ties to the ruler, and show him great respect for being a descendant of everyone's ancestors.
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