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Tera's Clinical

Respiratory Chapter Review

what are some symptoms of pneumonia? sudden onset of symptoms: fever, chills, chest pain, cough,purulent sputum, sore throat, lymphadenopathy
What is pneumonia? inflammation of the lungs caused by many pathogenic organisms: virus, bacteria, fungus, etc
what is tb? inflammatory infiltrations, formation of tubercles, abcesses, fibrosis, calcification. Can lead to other infections of other body systems
T or F: a PPD test will be positive for the rest of a patient's life with tb... True
a patient with tb needs a xray every ___ years 5
what test is done for tb? Mantoux
T or F: tb spores have a short lifespan False- they can live for an extended period of time
Is it considered active or latent when a patient had tb, and it has reactivated/is secondary? Active
what is latent tb considered? dormant
what dual antibiotic is given to active tb patients? INH/Rifampin
what is asthma? inflammation and spasm of smooth muscles of bronchi
what are some signs of asthma? dyspnea and wheezing
what is given to asthma patients? rescue inhalers, anti-inflammatory meds and nebulizer treatments
what are some symptoms of sinus infections inflamed sinuses, edema, pressure, rhinorrhea, sinus headaches
what are given to patients with sinus infections? decongestants, antibiotics, analgesics
what is sleep apnea? relaxation of pharynx muscles during sleep, causes trachea to narrow or close, causing momentary stopping of breathing
what are some risk factors for causing sleep apnea? being overweight, having enlarged tonsils, males, alcohol, sedative use
what is asbestosis? a form of pneumoconioses. and occupational side effect from insulation, manufacturing, and shipbuilding careers.
what are some symptoms of asbestosis? dyspnea, cough, emphasema like symptoms
how many more times are you likely to get cancer from asbestosis linked professions? 5x -atelecastis/hemoptysis
what causes laryngeal cancer? smoking/alcohol
what is pleurisy? inflammation of pleurae, caused by a bacterial or virus
what are some symptoms of pleurisy? pain, fever, cough, chills, dyspnea
At what percentage of o2 saturation is considered hypoxia? 91-92%
what is clubbing a sign of? hypoxia
what is the pharnyx? throat, contains tonsils, muscle lined with mucous membranes
what is the larynx? the organ of voice, contains the "adams apple"
what is the trachea? cylindric tube, c shaped cartilage, conveys air to the lungs
before a spirometry test is performed, what must the patient not do? smoke or take meds for 4-6 hrs before
what does ERV stand for, and what does it measure? expiratory reserve volume, measures the max air exhaled
what does FVC stand for and what does it measure? forced vital capacity, measures volume of air forcibly exhaled
what does FEV stand for and what does it measure? forced expiratory volume. measures volume of air expelled in 1 sec
what does FEF stand for and what does it measure? forced expiratory flow-measures speed of air, taken from the middle of the flow
what does MEF stand for and what does it measure? mean expiratory flow, measures in liters per second of peak of flow
what does VT stand for and what does it measure? tidal volume, measures volume of air
what does TLC stand for and what does it measure? total lung capacity, measures the max volume of air (6l for normal adult)
what does RV stand for and what does it measure? residual volume, measures the air left after exhaling. Measured in liters/second/minute
what are the results of a PFT in a patient with emphysema? increased residual volume, decreased forced expiration
what is a tracheostomy? incision into the trachea, tube is inserted
what is a thoracotomy? opening into thoractic cavity
what is a thoracostomy? opening made for drainage in thoractic cavity
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