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French Revolution

The French Revolution The event in which the people of France overthrew their king(Louis XVI) and fought for more rights.
Third Estate People that were angry that they had very few rights and paid the highest taxes(even though they had the least money)
Absolute Monarchs Abused their power and took people's rights away.
Enlightenment Inspired the French people to overthrow their unfair kings and to create a new government that protected their rights.
Economic Crisis The kings spent too much money and put France in debt.
Declaration of the Rights of Man A document written during the French Revolution that gave equal rights to the men of France and created a fair system of taxation.
Reign of Terror An event where the leaders of the French Revolution executed thousands of people that they believed were loyal to the king.
Jacobins The radical(extreme) group leading the Reign of Terror.
Robespierre The leader of the Jacobins.
King Louis XVI Executed by Robespierre.
Middle Class of France Gained more power and rights.
Napoleon Bonaparte Ruler who came to power at the end of the French Revolution.
Nationalism Pride in your country.
Napoleons Defeat Finally defeated in 1812 because he tried to invade Russia during the winter and the freezing climate of Russia killed all his soldiers.
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