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Chapter 8

Who was Confucius(551-479)? A Chinese educator and philosopher that introduced moral and ethical principles.
What are Confucius' key values? Ren(humanity), Li(respect), Xiao(family obligation), and personal morality.
Who was Xunzi(298-238 BC)? A Chinese philosopher who differed from Confucian values. He preferred harsh social discipline because humans are selfish and evil.
What is Taoism(Daoism)? A Chinese philosophical tradition, founded by Laozi, that announces a life in harmony with nature. Questions and is against Confucianism.
What was the Legalist Doctrine? Political philosophy that stated that military force and agriculture strengthen the state, instead of nature and life values.
How did Qin Dynasty unify China(221 BC)? By conquering other states with iron weapons and powerful army. Created a strong economy based on agriculture.
Who was Qin Shihuangdi(221 BC)? The first emperor of Qin Dynasty. He established a centralized imperial rule and created a project of connecting a Great Wall.
How did Qin Dynasty collapse(207BC)? Great wall created massive public works, which eventually created a great illness. There were groups of rebels that threatened the dynasty.
Han Dynasty Centralized bureaucracy rule, had taxation system, monopolization of iron and salt, and had vast armies to conquer other territories.
Han Dynasty Society Was a Patriarchal society based on productivity. Women became more dependent, Ban Zhao even wrote a women lesson book.
How was Han Society prosper and productive? Iron Metallurgy brought weapons and tools, there was silk textiles and paper production. The population, mainly cultivators, grew 20-60 million(220 BC - 9 CE).
Why was there social conflict? Raised taxes and confiscated land began to affect manufacture and trade. There was a remarkable conflict between poor and rich for land distribution.
Who was Wang Mang(9-23 CE)? Known as the "Socialist Emperor", created land reforms when the conflict between poor and rich was intense. He was overthrown by revolts.
How did Han Dynasty collapse(25-220 CE)? Social tension caused rebellion against the government. China was divided into regional kingdoms.
Why was Sima Qian castrated(99 BC)? He contradicted the emperor's judgment of a dishonored general, who Sima Qian defended.
What where the Analects? It was the book of the collection of Confucius' sayings, values and ideas, written by his disciples.
What is seen in Emperor Qin's tomb? a great terra-cotta army of Qin soldiers and cavalry.
Who was Han Wudi? Named "the Martial Emperor", the greatest emperor of Han Dynasty and had the longest reign with 54 years. The Dynasty expanded the most at his reign.
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