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Unification of China

Chapter 8

Who was Confucius and what were his ideas ? Educator and a political adviser Fundamental moral and ethical in character
Who had a less positive view of human nature? Xunzi
Who is Laozi? Founder of Daosim
Who are The Dao? the way of nature and the way of cosmos
The doctrine of practical and efficient statecraft Legalism
What were the main Chinese dynasties? Qin Dynasty Han Dynasty
Where did the Han Dynasty invade? Colonized northern Vietnam and Korea , organized armies to invade Xiongnu territory
What dynasty extended the Great Wall of China? Qin Shihuangdi ( emperor of Qin dynasty)
Why did the Qin Dynasty end? Waves of Rebels Massive Public works generated illness to the people
Conquered other states and unified China in 221 B.C.E? Qin Dynasty
Confucian school spokesmen Mencius
Confucian values Rem-Sense of humanity ,kindness, benevolence Li-sense of prosperity ,courtesy ,respect deference to elders Xiao-family obligation ,filial piety
Created by: alma3102