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Social Studies 2015

All of the important words this year!

Theocrasy A government directly related to religion.
Jesus The leading figure in Christianity for dieing on the cross, being God's son, etc. A prophet of God whose words have been corrupted.
Muhammad Islam's main prophet whose words have not been corrupted.
Religion The main belief of a culture, i.e. what you believe in.
Stable food supply When everyone has all the food they need plus an excess.
Government The party or person in charge of a group of people.
Art and Architecture The culture of a civilization, music, etc.
System of Writing How a civilization communicates without speaking.
Technology The ever-expanding of the convenience and efficiency of something like farming (From hand to plow to animal plow to tractor to giant combiner with automated fertilizer and giant scoop thing for picking up corn.)
Social Structure The social pyramid of a civilization. Often government officials, then religion officials, then the technology, art and architecture, and system of writing, and lastly, stable food supply.
Abraham A prophet of God, Allah, Yahweh; Abram; founder of the Abrahamic faiths; builder of the Ka'ba.
Christianity An Abrahamic faith that believes, among other things, that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.
Cultural Diffusion The melting and melding of cultures, often seen in big cities.
Bible The holy text of Christianity
10 Commandments 10 laws supposedly from God or Yahweh given the Abraham.
Diaspora When the Romans relocated many Jews from Israel, which in the long term aided the spread of Judiasm
Hebrews/Israelites The practisers of Judaism.
Jesus Supposed to be the Messiah, rose from the dead, started the idea of Christianity; a prophet of God whose message was corrupted; a false prophet/messiah.
Judaism The oldest Abrahamic faith and first monotheistic religion in the recorded world.
Missionary Someone who goes out and shares their religion with the world.
Monotheism The belief in one God.
persecution The pursue of someone violently, specifically in history, Christians. This helped the spread of Christianity.
Torah The holy text of Judaism.
Caliph A ruler who succeeded Muhammad.
Five Pillars of Faith Shahada (profession of faith), Siyam (fasting), Salat (prayer), Zakat (almsgiving), Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah)
Islam The religion of Muslims, founded by Muhammad, based off the Qur'an, and an Abrahamic faith.
Jihad The internal or external struggle against evil and oppression.
Makkah The holy city of Islam, the birthplace of Muhammad, the location of the Ka'ba.
Muhammad The last prophet of God or Allah, the founder of the Islamic faith.
Muslim A practicer of the Islamic faith.
Prophet A messenger of God, Allah, Jehovah
Qur'an The holy text of Islam
Shari'ah Islamic law.
Sunnah Examples by Muhammad on how to live your life as a Muslim.
Trade Routes Roads and general paths that trading caravans and ships used; useful in the spread of Islam.
Church A building where Christians worshiped and met.
Covenant A promise; Yahweh/Allah/God made a covenant to Abraham.
Crucifixion How Jesus what killed; beginning with a roman scourge, then the prisoner had to carry the main beam of a cross through the streets, after which spikes will be nail through their wrists, by which the will hang from the cross until they die.
Gospels The stories of Jesus and his disciples in the Bible.
Holy Trinity God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
Jerusalem The holy city of Judaism.
Kosher What Jews are and aren't aloud to eat.
Messiah Jesus; the saviour of the Jews against their enemies.
Moses The leader of the Jews during the exile.
New Testament The gospels and other documents (books), gathered together to make the second part of the Bible.
Parables Stories Jesus made to illustrate lessons he taught.
Rabbi A leader, teacher, or elder in a Jewish synagogue.
Ressurusction Jesus's supposed rise from the dead three days after he died.
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