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World History Chapter 4 study guide for Mesopotamia

city-state a city and all the countryside around it
polytheism the worship of many gods
Fertile Crescent rich, fertile farmland in the shape of an arc in the Middle East
silt soil left after flooding that's good for farming
irrigation a way of supplying water
canals human-made waterways
surplus more food and other items than needed
civilization a society that has developed systems of government, religion, and learning
Mesopotamia What means 'between the rivers' in Greek?
Tigris and Euphrates What forms the "Cradle of Civilization?
near rivers In what general kind of area did early people settle?
Persian Gulf Mesopotamia lies between Asia Minor and the __________ ___________. (what gulf)
Mediterranean Sea The Fertile Crescent extends from the Persian Gulf to the ___________ _________. (what sea)
food surplus Irrigation systems caused a ____________ ______________.
canals, dams, and levees What was built to aid in protecting the land from flooding?
Hunter-gatherers What kind of group first settled in Mesopotamia?
barter trading one product for another without the use of money
Sumer a land in Mesopotamia where the world's first civilization grew.
ziggurat the highest building in the city-state, built as a temple to the gods
domesticate changing plants and animals to make more useful to man
agriculture farming; the domestication of plants
drought a long period of dry weather
famine widespread lack of food because of drought
Sargon the Great Leader of the Akkadians
scribes The few Sumerians who learned how to write often held high positions in society as what?
archologists Who excavated the areas and found the ruins of ancient Mesopotamia?
cuneiform A form of writing by the people of Sumer
Iron What did the Hittites teach the Assyrians that helped make their army stronger?
The Hanging Gardens Which part of Babylon was known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?
Nebuchadnezzer The Chaldean king who rebuilt Babylon
astronomer Who is a person who studies the stars and planets called
Hammurabi Who wrote a legal code that covered most areas of daily life?
Epic of Gilgamesh Ancient Mesopotamian poem about a king and hero who travels the world.
Created by: Ms Plyler