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Unit 2 Vocab

Remi's Social Studies Vocab Words

Exploration The investigation of unknown regions
Colonization process where nations expand control into areas outside national borders
Natural Resources Resources pertaining to nature found in an area
Prince Henry the Navigator The prince of Portugal. He helped expand the country's power by colonization.
Indigenous People native to a region
Russian Revolution The czar of Russia was thrown out of power, and Russia became the Soviet Union.
Empire The area created when one nation or group takes control of other nations
Reunification Bringing back together
Superpower An extremely powerful nation capable of influencing world events
Cold War a period of distrust between the U.S. and Soviet Union
Holocaust Hitler's effort to eliminate the Jews of Europe and other groups the Nazi party did not approve of
Nazi Party Hitler's party in Germany that held power from 1933-1945. he party made promises to businesses, unemployed, and farmers in the country
Economic Depression A hard time in the economy. Businesses close and people lose jobs.
Nationalism A very strong devotion to one's nation
Treaty of Versailles The treaty that ended WWI, explained what the winners would get and what the losers would lose
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