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SS Stone age Dakers

Old Stone age Paleolithic era c. 70,000 years ago-12,000 years ago time of old stone tools
Harmiards Human-like creatures 2.5 years ago
First humans 250,000 years ago
ice age a time during the stone age when the earth was very cold and covered by glaciers
Nomads people who move from place to place and have no definite home followed animal migration and were in clans of 20:30 people
Hunters Hunters hunted (Men) with spears, clubs, etc. Advantages: Brainpower, traps, sweat.
gatherers women and children gathered vegetables, berries, fruits, nuts
Flint what people made their tools out of
B.C (BCE) Before christ (Before Common era) before before 2000 years ago
AD (CE) Anno Domini (Common era) 2000 years ago
New Stone age Neolithic era 10,000 bc-4,000 bc The glaciers melted ice age ended fertile land was exposed People began farming and there was extra (Surplus)
Domestication Taming of animals with food. Plus sides: Hunting guarding Farmwork food, milk, clothing. Animals stopped moving, permanent shelters available.
Civilization Society with good social structure government, education specialization economy
Shelters made with whatever available recources mud, sod, stone, wood, etc
Specialization job that requires special skills and or training. ex: teacher farmers craftperson cook etc
Catal Huyuk Located in Modern day turkey 7,000 bc Major trade center 1000 houses 5,000 people 32 acres of land
Neolithic Revolutionn Farm, deomestication of animals, and Permanent shelters.
Key themes for SS Social,Political, Military, Geography, Religious, Economic
Culture The way of life belonging to a group of people aka society Food, tools, Customs, Arts recreation, Religion, Values, GOvernment, KNowlege, Language, Goods, Shelters, Clothes
Society Group of people who share a culture
Values The beliefs and morals ideas that guide members of the society
Tropical ZOne 0 degrees to 23.5 degrees
Tropical zone 23.5 degrees to 66.5 degrees
Polar ZOne 66.5 degrees to 90 degrees
Created by: TiffanyCat