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Social Studies 2015

Vocabulary Of RVC and Religion

Yahweh Name Used in the Bible.
Synagogue Place of worship for the Jewish.
Church Place of Worship for the Christians.
10 Commandments Rules for the Christians to follow.
Jesus A teacher that used parables for teaching to others that they could understand.
Apostles/Deciples The followers of Jesus.
Messiah The beginner of Christianity.
Bible The sacred text of the Christians
Religion What someone believes in.
Judaism Religion of the Jews.
Torah Sacred text for the Jews.
Hinduism A religion that was formed in India.
Buddhism Buddah was the leader (creator the religion) he also was the teacher of his religion and everyone was taught and they became his disciples.
Indian ocean Ocean underneath India
Arabian Sea The Sea to the left of India
Bay of Bangle The bay to the Right of India and underneath Bangladesh
Monotheism Believing in more than one god
Siddharttha Gautama The prince of India and the starter of Buddhism
Braham A member of the highest Hindu caste
Sanskrit Type of writing
Created by: aevans041