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Ancient India

Vocabulary for Ancient India

Monsoon a strong wind that brings warm air and heavy rain to southern Asia in the Summer
Plateau a flat area of land that is elevated (raised) above the land around it
Citadel a fortress built to protect a city
Sanskrit the first writing system of the Aryans; developed around 1,000 B.C.E.
Raja an Aryan leader or prince
Caste a social class or group in Hindu society
Indigenous (when referring to a culture group) the group that has been in area longer than anyone else
Reincarnation the idea that a person's soul does not die with the body, but instead put into another living being to start a new life
Karma the force generated by a person's soul does not die with the body, but instead put into another living being to start a new life
Dharma the holy laws and required actions that Hindus must follow to have good karma. Each social class has its own dharma
Avatar (in Hinduism) a god who has come to Earth in human or animal form
Ascetic a person who gives up material possessions (things) and worldly pleasures in order to focus on spiritual matters
Samara the continuous cycle of birth, death, and rebirth that Hindus believe takes place until the cycle is broken and the soul. is reunited with the supreme god Brahman
Bhagavad Gita a famous story about the warrior Arjuna who is fighting a war that symbolizes good and evil. He is sad because he doesn't want to kill his enemies because they are his relatives.
Alms something (for instance money or food) given freely to help
Monk/nun a holy man/woman who devotes his/her life to religious practice
Monastery a home for monks; normally built away from other places in order to provide a quiet place for study, prayer and/or meditation
Pilgrim a person on a religious journey
Mural a wall painting (directly on the wall)
Province a territory that is part of a country or an empire
Edict a command that is supposed to be obeyed like a law
Divine having to do with a god or meaning someone who is a god
Reservoir a man-made lake that is built to collect and store water
Archipelago a chain of islands
Stupa a dome shaped structure serving as a place to keep things associated with Buddha; a shrine (monument) to Buddha
Mandir the name for a Hindu temple
Rajputs Hindu warriors; they used infantry supported by elephants; defeated by descendants of Turkish slaves that had set up an Islamic state in present day Afghanistan
Angkor Wat a strong kingdom in present day Cambodia of Khmer people; the most famous and beautiful temple in the region. It combines Indian architecture and Khmer culture.
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