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Middle Ages (1)

Name the group who officially choose future Popes. College of Cardinals
Name the founder of the Monastery of Cluny. William of Aquitaine (910 AD)
The Monastery of Cluny taught that the clergy were only to answer who? The Pope
Revenge taken on a family that resulted if one of their members committed an offense against another family is called a _________________. Blood Fued
Henry IV, the Holy Roman Emperor during 1070’s, was excommunicated by which Pope during a controversy over the authority to appoint bishops? Gregory VII
In 1122, Pope Calixtus II and Henry V (HRE) reach a compromise concerning the appointments of church officials (investitures) called the ____________? Concordat of Worms
Clovis was the first king of which Frankish Dynasty? Merovingian
. Name the saint who was responsible for many Irish being converted to Christianity? St. Patrick
The head of a Monastery is called a ______________? Abbey
Whose donation created the Papal states? Pepin
King John of England in 1215 was forced to sign what document? The Magna Carta
Which of the following Popes crowned the first “Emperor of the Romans” on Christmas Day 800 and who was crowned? Charlemagna
The political and military system of the Middle Ages based on obligations of loyalty between vassals and lords is called ___________? Feudalism
A Medieval land grant is called a ____________? Fief
Of the following who pledges loyalty to the noble lord? Vassal
A holy act of God performed by the church (the Roman Catholic church recognizes seven) is called? Sacraments
The Roman Catholic teaching concerning the Eucharist is that after the words of institution are spoken by the priest, the bread is mystically transformed into the literal body of Christ—what is this called? Transubstantiationn
William the Conqueror defeated Harold Godwinson at what battle? Battle of Hastings in 1066
During the reign of Henry II what was issued that granted the king of England the authority to appoint Bishops? Constitutions of Clarendon
Name the Archbishop of Canterbury who was murdered because he opposed Henry II's encroachment into church affairs? Thomas a Becket
Which English King imposed heavy taxes on the nation to fund the third crusade and nearly bankrupted England? Richard the Lionhearted
Which Pope called for the first crusade in 1095? Pope Urban II
What special order of Knights vowed to protect Christian pilgrims to the Holy Lands? Knights Templars
What peoples were the crusaders fighting? Muslims
In 1208, what official department was created within the Roman Catholic church to investigate heresies? The Inquisition
Members of a ______________ were all skilled workers of a particular trade whose function was to set prices? Guild
During the 1300's what killed 50% or more of England's population? Black Death/Bubonic Plague
The language of the Medieval Bible (The Vulgate) was what? Latin
What invaders sailed from Scandinavia during Spring (700s and 800s) to attack Western Europe? Vikings
The Magna Carta was the first step in reducing the authority of the English __________. Monarchy or King
Alchemist were attempting to convert ordinary metals (such as lead) into ________? Gold
Blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm were needed to be in balance according to medieval medicine. What were these four fluids called? Humors
Which type of architecture utilized flying buttresses, making walls stronger and thinner, allowing larger windows? Gothic
____________ was the Muslim leader during the time of Richard the lionhearted. In terms agreed to by he and Richard, Christian pilgrims would be allowed to visit Christian shrines in Jerusalem and the Crusaders would withdraw? Saladin
. Which French King ultimately had the Knights Templar destroyed because of the debt he owed them? Phillip IV of France
Who was the author of the Canterbury tales and whose shrine were the pilgrims visiting ? Geoffrey Chaucer and Thomas Becket
Created by: jeffrey.rhyne