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Citadel (Tier 3) a fortress that commands a city and is used in the control of the inhabitants and in defense during attack or siege.
Harappan (Tier 3) A culture of the Indus Valley
Venerated (Tier 2) to regard or treat with reverence; revere
Pantheon (Tier 3) the place of the heroes or idols of any group, individual, movement, party, etc., or the heroes or idols themselves:
Aryans (Tier 3) a member or descendant of the prehistoric people who spoke Indo-European.
Rig Veda (Tier 3) one of the Vedas, a collection of 1028 hymns, dating from not later than the second millennium b.c.
Indra (Tier 3) Hinduism. the chief of the Vedic gods, the god of rain and thunder.
Raja (Tier 3) a king or prince in India.
Caste System (Tier 3) the rigid Hindu system of hereditary social distinctions based on castes.
Law book of Mane (Tier 3) Moral behavior and social relationships,Advised men to treat women with honor and respect.
Brahmins (Tier 3) a person usually from an old, respected family who, because of wealth and social position, wields considerable social, economic, and political power.
Kshatriyas (Tier 3) a member of the Hindu royal and warrior class above the Vaisyas and below the Brahmans.
Vaisya (Tier 3) a member of the Hindu mercantile and professional class, above the Shudras and below the Kshatriyas.
Shudras (Tier 3) a Hindu of the lowest caste, that of the workers.
Brahman (Tier 3) Brahmin. a member of the highest, or priestly, class among the Hindus.
Doctrine (Tier 2 a particular principle, position, or policy taught or advocated, as of a religion or government:
Karma (Tier 3) action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation: in Hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman.
Dravidian (Tier 3) a family of languages, wholly distinct from Indo-European, spoken mostly in southern India and Sri Lanka and including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and, in Pakistan, Brahui.
Varnas (Tier 3) Caste system (from Sanskrit: class)
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