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Ch. 4 Vocabulary


Citadel A fortress most often at high ground usually used against or for a city.
Harappan Agricultural civilization that started in 2500 B.C.E, little evidence remains of them.
Pantheon All the gods of one place/civilization.
Aryans Pastoral Civilization that started in 1500 B.C.E, violent society that clashed with there neighbors several times.
Rig Verda Ancient collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns, most important Verda.
Indra A war god that is also linked with weather and when rain comes.
Raja Indian king or prince.
Caste System A system that separates individuals based on there role/position in the civilization.
Varnas The castes in the caste system.
Brahmins The top varna which includes the priests.
Kshatriyas The second varna which includes warriors and royalty.
Vaishyas The third varna which includes cultivators, artisans, and merchants.
Shudras The fourth varna which includes peasants and serfs.
"Law Book Of Manu" A important book that stated moral behavior social relationships which included gender roles.
Brahman Ultimate reality including all phenomena.
Doctrine Set of beliefs taught in church or by another religious group.
Karma The actions of a persons past existence which decides how they will turn out in a future existence.
Dravidian Civilization that began in 3000 B.C.E, which had many interactions with the Aryan people.
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