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Chapter 4 Aryans

Pirate Chart

Aryans 1500 B.C.E
Aryan Political -Had many several chiefdoms -A council of elders ruled after political evolved -Men had most/all power and government jobs
Aryan Interactions with Enviorment -Domesticated animals such as sheep and goats -Once settled near the Ganges they started to do more agriculture
Aryan Religion -Used a sacred language Sanskrit -All of the religious works were put into 4 Vedas -Made a war god known as Indra who also controlled the weather -Honored Varuna the God who oversees all -Sacrifices -Karma a popular custom
Aryan Art and Architecture -Made several songs and poems
Aryan Technology -Combined horses with carts and wagons for transportation -Used horses for warfare as well by attaching them to chariots -Started to make iron tools
Aryan Economy -Horses were used as a object of great value and rarity -Cattle was used to measure wealth
Aryan Society -Fought with several neighbors very often due to violent society -Conflict grew in between the Aryans for resources -Due to food surplus, the population expanded and started building cities -Had a social caste system and gender differences
Created by: Pedro2019