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cht.4 vocabulary

citadel protecting high grounds or a dominating city
Harappan a neolithic member that established by the nile river in 3000 B.C.E
Venerated A person who has a lot of respect in there society
Pantheon collectively all the gods and important people in a community
Aryans they were the community that established trough out Northern India
Rig Veda the most important veda out of the four they had
Indra he was a person who helped the locals with trips etc.
Raja It is a leader that was the leader for the chiefdoms and in latin it is king
caste system a system introduced for social classification by the Aryans
Varnas they were the clusters of the caste groups
Brahmins a member of the highest caste system (the priests)
Kshatriyas a member of the second caste system(the military)
Vaishyas a member of the caste system(farmers or merchants)
Shudras a worker of the lowest caste systems
'"Law Book of Manu" guide lines based on the hindu beliefs
Brahman the universel spirit they were "made of"
doctrines a belief or set of beliefs made by a church
karma destiny or fate held by the causes
dravidian a language that revolutionized from sanskrit
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