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Chapter 21

Absolute Monarchs

Where did Phillip II rule? Spain, the Spanish Netherlands, and American Colonies
How did Spain get wealthy? Their colonies in America
Where did the majority of their wealth come from? Silver
What was Phillip II called? The defender of Catholicism
What weakened the Spanish empire? inflation and taxes, making their enemies rich, and the Dutch revolt
Who was the first king of the Bourbon Dynasty in France? Henry IV
What declared peace and religious tolerance to the Huguenots? the Edict of Nantes
what kind of a ruler was Louis XIII? He was a weak ruler
How did Cardinal Richelieu weaken the power of the nobles? ordered them to take down castles and took middle class people for government officials
What did Louis XIV mean when he said, "L'etat c'est moi?" He and the state are one
Why did Louis XIV call himself the sun king? He believed that power radiated from him; like the sun radiates light and heat
What did Descartes help develop? the scientific method
Who was Richelieu's successor? Cardinal Mazarin
/who was Jean Baptiste Colbert? The minister of France under Louis XIV's rule
What theory did Colbert believe in? Mercantilism
How did Versailles affect the France? Put the country into debt, but it was the center of art
What was France weakened by? poor harvests, constant taxation to finance wars, and suffering of poor people
Created by: 19jvallario