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T. E. Chap. 4

Traditions and Encounters Chapter 4

What year were the Vedas written? 1400 and 900 B.C.E.
What civilization had mainly a pastoral economy? The Aryans
What caste is above the shudras? The Vaishyas
What is the highest varna? The Brahmins
During what year did Harappan society decline? After 1900 B.C.E.
What two reasons drove Harappan society to its decline? Ecological degradation, and Natural catastrophes (river floods and earthquakes)
What did Harappan religion focus on? Creation, procreation, and fertility.
What type of government did the Aryans have? Small chiefdoms, the leader was referred to as "raja".
What language are the Vedas originally told in? Sanskrit
What were the two major cities in Harappan society? Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
Harappa politics? No information about the topic
1500 BCE Aryans took over the Indus river valley.
After what year did Dravidian and Indo-European peace begin? After 1500 B.C.E.
Where did the Aryans get their horses from? Central Asia
In the Aryan society, what was viewed as currency, or a symbol of wealth? Cattle
How did the Aryans share and pass down their stories? The used Sanskrit and recited from memory.
The daily language of the Aryans Prakit
How was the Indus river valley different from the Nile? It was less predictable, flood wise.
Who is Indra? An Aryan god of war that was very violent.
What language do researchers still not understand? Harappan
What was Harappan economy like? It was mainly an agricultural economy but it also included extensive trade networks
Religious sacrifices were a part of whose religion? The Aryan religion
Which two peoples merged their religious beliefs? The Dravidians and Aryans
What were Aryan gods and deities revolved around? Nature disease and the underworld.
What type of society was developed? A patriarchal and
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