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Ch. 4-China

What 3 locations in China are located there? North China Plain, Huang River,& Guangxi Zhungzu
What is the yellow colored substance that is found in the Huang River? Loess/yellow silt
To control the flooding caused by the Huang River, what was built to stop the flooding? levees
Called "China's Sorrow", why was the Huang river called this in China? It flooded destroying crops, homes, & killing people
What was a very rocky area surrounded by mountain ranges in China? Tibetan Plateau
What landform in China was NOT located there? (plains) (badlands) (mountains) (deserts) badlands
During the Zhou Dynasty, what important product was sold during this time? silk
To improve life in China, which invention was NOT created? (control flooding) (trade relations) (huge walls around towns) (protection of the empire) huge walls around towns
The Great Wall of China was build by Shi Huangdi to protect China from who? Northern invaders (The Mongols)
Which of the following was NOT achieved during the Han Dynasty? (New states centralized government) (China's first book) (civil service exams) (improve road conditions) New states centralized government
During the Han Dynasty, what helped unite the Chinese culture? trade and transportation advancements
What was NOT invented during the Han Dynasty? (silk) (porcelain) (paper) (ink) silk
The influences of Confucianism and Daoism caused what change in China? Values, order, harmony, spreading ideas, making the world right
The first principle of Confucianism is what? Respect everyone
What core of Confucianism is NOT a virtue? (humility or modesty) (harshness or tyranny) (respect for the family) (a sense of humanity) harshness or tyranny
The Analects is NOT describes as _____. (Confucious collected sayings) (Confucious's advice to people) (Only one printed work of Confucious) (Confucious main written works) Only one printed work of Confucious
Laozi taught what to the Chinese people during his time? The art of Daoism
What is the main idea of Daoism? Living in harmony with nature
What are three points about the North China Plain area? 1. Farming and Industry center activity 2. There is plenty of loess (yellow silt) from the desert 3. a large population of Chinese people live there.
What are the likes and dislikes of living with a Zhuang or Tibetan family of the China Plateau? The likes would be excitement seeing new places and dislikes would be you tired of moving your home constantly.
How did the Bronze Age started and got it name? Mixing copper and tin to make bronze tools, weapons, and items for farming, trading, and protection.
What are three points to the Zhou Dynasty "golden age period". 1. Good economic trade, 2. Building irrigation & canal systems, 3. Iron used to make tools and weapons
What would have been the thoughts of Shi Huandi (Qin Dynasty) and Wu Di (Han Dynasty) of Confucianism? Shi Huandi would have punished anybody following Confucianism because harsh rulers would be overthrown. Wu Di would have valued Confucianism and encourage people to follow its teachings.
In Confucianism, children should honor and respect parents (guardians), why? Confucius believed in respect for the family and they accept their role in their family.
What is the name of the four dynasties in order? 1st-Shang Dynasty, 2nd-Zhou Dynasty, 3rd-Qin Dynasty, 4th-Han Dynasty
Which Chinese dynasty lasted the longest and started the Great Wall of China? Zhou Dynasty
Which Chinese dynasty set up centralized government and finished the Great Wall of China? Qin Dynasty
Which Chinese dynasty lifted the ban on books, wrote about China's history, & started civil service test and service in China? Han Dynasty
Which Chinese dynasty created bronze as a new metal and used oracle bones for fortune telling outcomes? Shang Dynasty
Which Chinese dynasty had the 1st Emperor and his name? Qin Dynasty/Shi Huangdi
Which Chinese dynasty had the 2nd Emperor? Han Dynasty/Wu Di
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