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Foy WH Ch. 4 Test

What were some characteristics of Egyptian gods and goddesses gods for sun, sky and earth; many gods were worshipped; mixture of human and animal forms
What is the area of the Nile called that fans out into several branches? delta
What made farming possible in ancient Egypt? biannual flooding of the Nile
What material did Egyptians write hieroglyphics on? papyrus
What region of Egypt is Upper Egypt? southern
What region of Egypt is Lower Egypt? northern
What legal rights did women have in Egyptian society? make contracts, divorce their spouses, own property
What did the Egyptians believe would happen to a person when they died? their ka left the body and became a spirit
What were some reasons Egypt was hard to invade? desert in the west, Mediterranean and Red Sea, cataracts in the Nile
What is Egyptian writing called? hieroglyphics
Which ruler encouraged trade and used the profits to support the arts and architecture? Queen Hatshepsut
What subjects did Egyptian art show? everyday life, historical events, religious events
Where did Egyptians believe the gods lived? temples
What items would be found in an Egyptian tomb? hieroglyphics, stone statues, jewelry
What items would be found in an Egyptian temple? sphinxes, columns, obelisks
What group invaded an ruled Egypt following a period of disorder around 1750 BC? Hyksos
What made the area around the Nile perfect for farming? silt
What would a series of rulers from the same family be called? dynasty
What event brought about the Middle Kingdom period? competition for power between the nobles and pharaohs
What ruler led the fight against invaders for many years, leaving the Egyptian empire diminished? Ramses the Great
What did the size and shape of the pyramids show? how important the pharaoh was
The is the first period that Egyptians developed a system based on the belief that the pharaoh was both a king and a god. Old Kingdom
What did Egyptian religion focus on? the afterlife
How did historians learn to read hieroglyphics? translating the Rosetta Stone
What did the Egyptians do in the New Kingdom period to prevent future invasions? They took control of all possible invasion routes into the kingdom.
What event began the New Kingdom period? Pharaoh Ahmose of Thebes drove the Hyksos out of Egypt
According to tradition, what king rose up to unify Egypt, becoming the first pharaoh? Menes
What did Egyptians do to preserve their dead? they embalmed and mummified the nobles
What are the levels of the Egyptian social hierarchy, from top to bottom? 1. pharaohs 2. nobles and priests 3. scribes and craftspeople 4. farmers, servants, slaves
What group could rise in social status and receive land as payment? soldiers
What group made up the vast majority of the population? farmers and other peasants
What group required advanced job skills? artisans, artists, architects
What group did not have to pay taxes and many became wealthy? scribes
Few people held these positions because they had to travel very long distances to buy and sell goods. merchants and traders
Created by: lfoy8290