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Chapter 4

Ancient Greece

The Mycenaean civilization was ruled by powerful monarchs
Dark Ages Little is known of what happened during this time because few records have survived
Supported the efforts of the Greek tyrants to control the city-states peasants and the newly rich
In Athens, during the Age of Pericles, every male citizen could vote
Aristotle analyze and classify things based on investigation and observation
Socratic Method a teaching method in which a teacher asks questions that help students find answers by using their own reasoning skills.
Hellenistic Era was a period when the Greek language and ideas were carried to the non Greek world.
The reason that Ancient Greece developed many different cultures was due to their physical geography, including mountain ranges and long coastlines.
Greeks were able to spread their culture throughout the Mediterranean due to colonization.
After tyrants lost power in ancient Greece, some city-states evolved into ________ a democracy.
After tyrants lost power in ancient Greece, city-states remained committed to oligarchy
Sparta was an ancient city-state based on military discipline
The Socratic method emphasized the importance of questioning
Greek polis or city-states developed because of the physical obstacles presented by Greek geography.
Alliance between Sparta and Athens Delian League
Greece's economy prospered due to trade
What was the relationship between the Greek city-states? independent
Greeks adopted a new system of writing based on the Phoenicians
The word Spartan has come to mean highly self-disciplined
The tyrants of ancient Greece were seized power from the aristocrats by force
Alexander the Great’s conquests gave rise to the Hellenistic Era
The first Greek civilization Mycenae
A Greek town, city, or village and surroundings polis
Government of Sparta oligarchy
Why did Greeks establish colonies? Less populated land, fertile farm land
Peloponnesian Wars Wars fought between Sparta and Athens
Who said the unexamined life is not worth living Socrates
A ruler who seized power by force from the aristocrats. Aristocrats
The process for temporarily banning politicians from the city by popular vote Ostracism
To gather; to meet together. Assemble
Discussed by considering opposing views. debated
A system of government in which the people participate directly in government decision making through mass meetings. Direct Democracy
To set apart from others. Isolate
“The rule of many.” Government by the people. Democracy
A form of drama that portrays conflict between the protagonist and a superior force and having a protagonist who is brought to ruin or extreme sorrow, especially as a result of a fatal flaw. Tradgedy
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