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APWH Chpt. 7 Vocab.

Achaemenids people from the Empire of Achaemenid
Medes Ancient Iranian people
Pasargadae Capitol of Achaemenid empire
Cambyses II King of Kings in Persia
Darius Ruled the Persian Empire during its peak
Persepolis capital of Achaemenid Empire
Persian Royal Road ancient highway that facilitated travel throughout Persia
Commonwealth Political community founded for the common good
Battle of Marathon First Persian attempt to subjugate Greece
Alexander of Macedon King who lead a military campaign through Asia and Africa
Seleucids Hellenistic state run by Seleucids
Parthian An empire that put a big emphasis on Iranian power and culture
Mithradates expanded Parthia to the East, South, and West
Ctesiphon Capital of Parthia
Sassanids Last Iranian empire before the rise of Islam
Zoroastranarianism dominant religion in ancient Persia
Ahura Mazda god of Zoroastranarianism
Magi symbol of Zoaster
Avesta Scripture of Zoroatranarianism
Gathas 17 hymns composed by Zarathusthra
Manichaeism religion that explains duality between good and evil
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