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Byzantine Empire

People places events 450 - 1300

The battle of _______ halted the spread of Islam throughout Europe Tours
King ______________, nicknamed “the hammer”, defeated the Muslim army at Tours. Charles Martel
__________ , the Byzantine Emperor in 1057, called upon Pope Urban II to help repel the Turkish Muslim threat. Alexis I
The ______________ were a series of wars launched by European Christians aimed at re-conquering the Holy Lands from the Muslims. Crusades
Name the capital city of the Byzantine Empire. Constantinople
Name the Emperor who recovered much of the western territory that was lost after the collapse of Rome. Justinian I
Name Justinian’s wife. Why did she not have the best reputation? Theodora--Her social class and occupation
What happened to the Church of Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia) after the conquest of Muslim Turks? Converted to a Mosque
This was a compilation of Roman Law that reflected Christian principles, civil, and criminal laws? Justinian's Code
What were The Bishops of Rome, Constantinople, Jerusalem, Alexandria, and Antioch The Pentarchy
Which city’s “Patriarch” became the sole leader of the Orthodox Church? Constantinople
This split between the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church and Western Roman Catholic Church occurred in 1054? The Great Schism
What was Constantinople renamed? Istanbul
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