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Chapter 7 Vocabulary

AP World History Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Achaemenid A member of the Achaemenid dynasty
Medes A member of an Iranian people who inhabited ancient Media, establishing an extensive empire during the 7th century BC, which was conquered by Cyrus the Great of Persia in 550 BC
Pasargadae An ancient ruined city in S Iran, NE of Persepolis: an early capital of ancient Persia; tomb of Cyrus the Great
Cambyses Died 522 b.c, king of Persia 529–522 (son of Cyrus the Great)
Darius Name of three Persian rulers, notably Darius the Great, Persian emperor 521-485 B.C.E., from Greek Darius, from Old Persian Darayavaus, probably literally "he who holds firm the good," from PIE root *dher- (2) "to hold firmly, support"
Persepolis An ancient capital of Persia: its imposing ruins are in S Iran, about 30 miles (48 km) NE of Shiraz
Satrapy A province governed by a satrap
Persian Royal Road A highway in ancient Persia, 1677 miles (2700 km) long, extending from Susa in W Iran to W Asia Minor
Commonwealth An independent country or community, especially a democratic republic
Battle of Marathon A famous battle in the fifth century b.c., in which the ancient Greeks defeated a much larger army of the Persian Empire
Alexander of Macedon 356–323 b.c, king of Macedonia 336–323: conqueror of Greek city-states and of the Persian empire from Asia Minor and Egypt to India
Seleucid A member of the Seleucid dynasty
Parthian A native or inhabitant of Parthia
Mithradates I Called the Great. ?132–63 bc, king of Pontus (?120–63). He waged three wars against Rome (88–84; 83–81; 74–64) and was finally defeated by Pompey: committed suicide
Ctesiphon A ruined city in Iraq, on the Tigris, near Baghdad: an ancient capital of Parthia
Sassanid A member of the Sassanian dynasty
Zoroastrianism A monotheistic pre-Islamic religion of ancient Persia founded by Zoroaster in the 6th century BC
Ahura Mazda The supreme creative deity, the creator of Gayomart whose omnipotence is challenged by Angra Mainyu
Magus A member of a priestly caste of ancient Persia
Avesta The sacred writings of Zoroastrianism, compiled in the 4th century AD
Gathas Any of 17 poems attributed to Zoroaster that are the most ancient texts of the Avesta
Manichaeism Religious or philosophical dualism
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