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History I Chapter 21

Questions from Chapter 21 of World History I CP

What is an absolute monarch? A king or queen who has unlimited power and seeks to control all aspects of society.
What is Divine Right? The idea that monarchs are God’s representatives on Earth and are therefore answerable only to God.
What was the Edict of Nantes A 1598 declaration in which the French king Henry IV promised that Protestants could live in peace in France and could set up houses of worship in some French cities.
What is Skepticism? A philosophy based on the idea that nothing can be known for certain.
What was an Intendant? A French government official appointed by the monarch to collect taxes and administer justice.
What was the War of the Spanish Succession A conflict, lasting from 1701 to 1713, in which a number of European states fought to prevent the Bourbon family from controlling Spain as well as France.
What was the Thirty Years' War? A European conflict over religion and territory and for power among ruling families, lasting from 1618 to 1648.
What was the Seven Years' War? A conflict in Europe, North America, and India, lasting from 1756 to 1763, in which the forces of Britain and Prussia battled those of Austria, France, Russia, and other countries.
What was a boyar? A landowning noble of Russia.
What is westernization? An adoption of the social, political, or economic institutions of Western—especially European or American—countries.
Who was Phillip II? Philip II was King of Spain from 1556 and of Portugal from 1581. From 1554 he was King of Naples and Sicily as well as Duke of Milan. During his marriage to Queen Mary I, he was also King of England and Ireland.
Who was Cardinal Richelieu? Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal-Duke of Richelieu and of Fronsac, commonly referred to as Cardinal Richelieu, was a French clergyman, noble and statesman. He was consecrated as a bishop in 1607 and was appointed Foreign Secretary in 1616.
Who was Louis XIV? Louis XIV, known as Louis the Great or the Sun King, was a monarch of the House of Bourbon who ruled as King of France from 1643 until his death.
Who was Jean Baptiste Colbert? Jean-Baptiste Colbert was a French politician who served as the Minister of Finances of France from 1665 to 1683 under the rule of King Louis XIV. His relentless hard work and thrift made him an esteemed minister.
Who was Maria Theresa? Maria Theresa was the only female ruler of the Habsburg dominions and the last of the House of Habsburg. She was the sovereign of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Mantua, Milan, Lodomeria and Galicia, the Austrian Netherlands and Parma.
Who was Frederick the Great? Frederick II was King of Prussia. Frederick's achievements during his reign included his military victories, his reorganization of Prussian armies, and his final success against great odds in the Seven Years' War.
Who was Ivan the Terrible? Ivan IV Vasilyevich, commonly known as Ivan the Terrible, was the Grand Prince of Moscow from 1533 to 1547 and Tsar of All the Russias from 1547 until his death.
Who was Peter the Great? Peter the Great, Peter I or Peter Alexeyevich ruled the Tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Empire from 7 May 1682 until his death, jointly ruling before 1696 with his half-brother.
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