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Chapter 4 Harappan

Pirate Chart

Harappan 300 B.C.E
Harappan Political No evidence due to water table.
Harappan Interactions with Environment -Used the Indus River and it's annual floodplains for agriculture -Domesticated chickens and other animals -Deforested there land and caused it to be a desert and started a agricultural crisis -Natural disasters caused them to abandon there cities
Harappan Religion -Had religious temples -Used a large pool for religious purposes -Religion reflected fertility -Had several gods and goddesses for different subjects including fertility etc. -Trees and animals were held sacred
Harappan Art and Architecture -Had and followed a pattern of architecture in building there cities -Made pottery, tools, and decorative items -Used gold,silver, copper, lead, gems, and stones -Built statues,figurines -Painted and made illustrations -Made bracelets and necklaces
Harappan Technology -Had built city walls,fortified citadel, and a granary -Used a sewage system -Toilets and showers -Writing system was inscriptions and pictures -Started using gold, copper, and bronze metallurgy
Harappan Economy -Cities were probably/believed to be economic centers -Grain was used as a form of payment -Participated in domestic and foreign trade
Harappan Society -Had a functioning agricultural society -Population increase due to food surplus -Had a prominent society -Had a wealthy society -Used and had social distinctions
Created by: Pedro2019