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chapter 4

Harappa neolithic societies established by the Indus river valley in 3000 B.C.E
Harappa political unknown
Harappa interactions with environmental and geography they established themselves near the nile river to have better agriculture
Harappa religion Harappa was a polytheistic in there religion
Harappa art and architecture there was a lot of art and and they were mostly crafts
Harappa technology they had broad streets, marketplaces, public buildings and temples
Harappa economics they had trade systems were they would trade for resources
Harappa socials they had a social class pyramid were there was a king, workers, slaves and more
Aryans the Aryans established trough Northern India and had small villages and had agricultural communities
Aryans political unknown
Aryans interactions with the environment they had a lot of native people living in regional places in northern india
Aryans religions they had ritual sacrifices for the gods they had because they were polytheistic
Aryans art and architecture they had a lot of paintings and sculptures involved in the art they made
Aryans technology they had no writing system but they did have a vocal language for people to speak
Aryans economics the early Aryans depended heavily on their pastoral economics
Aryans social The Aryans had a social system were they depended on there gods and there military hero's
What was Dravidian's political structure They had friendly relations with the Ayran's people
What was the Dravidian's interaction with the environment? They had developed a sophisticated society in the Indus river
What're the Dravdian's beliefs in their religion? They practiced Hinduism
What was the Dravidian's culture? What was the Dravidian's technology?
What were the Dravidian's economics? They had an agricultural economy
What was in the Dravidian society? Dravidian peoples had established neolithic communities throughout much of the Indian subcontinent
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