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Ch 4 pirates notes

Who was the Harappan society? First Indus valley civilization circa 3500 B.C.E.
What were the Harappan Politics found? Unknown due to flooding that destroyed evidence
Harappan Interactions with Environment (Geography) They had resources such as wheat and barley, they begun to cultivate cotton before 5000 B.C.E. Suffered various natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes.
Harappan Religion Their religion strongly emphasized fertility
Harappan Art and Architecture They built fortified strongholds, large granaries, along with marketplaces, temples, and public buildings
Harappan Technology Axes, toilets, and sewage system
Harappan Economics Rich deposits, less predictable than the Nile.
Harappan Society Their society was declined in 1900 B.C.E
Aryans Herding people that spoke the Indo-European language that entered South Asia in 1500 B.C.E
Aryan Politics Run by the Lawbook of Manu
Aryan Interactions with Environment(Geography) They didn't have any writing system of any kind, but transmitted works known as Vedas.
What were the religious facts known about the Aryans? They are known to be polytheists, with beliefs of various gods such as Indra (War God), and other gods of the sun, the sky, the moon, fire, and disease. They are known to use a sacred language known as Sanskrit.
Aryan Art and Architecture No evidence has been found so far
What was the technology created by the Aryans? Iron tools that helped develop with agriculture
What kind of economy did the Aryans depend on? Heavy and pastoral economy
Aryan Society They had various conflict with the indigenous people, they also had social classes. One of their Sanskrit words, "Varna" meaning color, refers to social classes.
Dravidians People that were known to build communities throughout India
Dravidian Politics They were lead by one person
Dravidian Interactions with Environment (Geography) Agricultural techniques, and had irrigation systems that supported their agriculture.
Dravidian Religion Hinduism, worshiped nature spirits
Dravidian Art and Architecture No evidence
Dravidian Technology No evidence
Dravidian Economy No evidence
Dravidian Society It is known that the Aryans had distinguished themselves with the Dravidians by color, and distinguished themselves by their ancestry.
Created by: leahmar2019