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chapter 4 vocab

chapter 4 history vocabulary

Harappan Harappan is known as being a society and they have their own culture as well, also known as being a foundation for their own society.
Venerated harappans venerated their gods/goddesses that were based of creation. Being venerated means that the gods were being honored.
Pantheon a temple where society gods were venerated by there communities or people that loved them.
Aryans The Aryans were a civilization,society, community, the aryans were a group of people who honored Indra as their god, leader India europeans.
Rig Veda rig veda was one of the most important "four Vedas" which were hymns,songs or prayers that were only dedicated to the gods that belonged to the Aryan civilization.
Indra Indra was chose by the aryan society to represent their civilization as their god and leader, Indra helped many aryans to migrate and this was the reason the community decided to have him as their leader.
Raja A raja was known as a leader for the majority of the chiefdoms, this name relates to a "king".
Caste system The caste system was a foundation in which the Aryans society decided which place should individuals or groups of people should be placed in the community based to their skin color (judgmental).
Varnas The "four varnas" were the name in which the gods venerated the brahmins and kshatriyas as the best human group leaders in the societies.
Brahmins The brahmins were a community of people that in the year 1000 b.c.e were known by the Aryans as well happened with other communities.
Kshatriyas The kshatriyas were one of the varnas and they were known by being warriors and aristocrats, they were also one of the most honored groups of people in their society because the Aryans made the society know about their existence and venerate them.
brahman a brahman is eternal and it is all about an illusion and it is also about a universe soul that the Upanishads came up with. being a brahman brings changes to your life.
doctrine Upanishads utilize doctrines to give certain information about civilizations and they would explain brief pieces of data of what the civilizations. A document that includes sets of ideas for a specific theme.
dravidian The dravidians were a group of mixed people that interacted and intermarried with people that belonged to the Aryans society.
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