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Ch.4 vocabulary

Citadel a fortress typicaly on high ground
Harappan the earliest urban society in India
Venerated a recognition of something or somewhat
Pantheon it is a set of beliefs
Aryans they were heading people who spoke Indo-European Language
Rig Veda a colection of hymns addressed to Aryans gods
Indra was god to the Aryans
Raja a leader of chiefdoms
Caste System a social status of a society
Varnas the four cast of the cast system
Brahmins they were priests
Kshatriyas they were warriors and aristrocrafts
Vaishyas cultivators artisians and merchants
Shudras landless peasants and serfs
" Law book of Manu" Its a doctrine of rules that the people needed to follow
Brahman is a eternal unchanging permanent foundation for all things that exist
Doctrine when you write sets of ideas in a document
Karma whatever you give to world you will get back in return
Dravidian people that lived in the river valley before the Aryans came
politics the harappans have no evidence of a political system
interactions with the envirement
religion were polytheistic
architecture made temples fro there gods
Created by: Liz2019