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Chapter 4

Period 1 India 3500 B.C.E

What is citadel? A fortress, typically on high ground
What is harappan? A village in Pakistan in the cities of the Indus Valley civilizations
What is venerated? Regard with great respect
What is pantheon? All the gods of a people
What is Aryans? Relating to a people speaking an Indo-European language who invaded northern India in the 2nd millennium
What is Rig Veda? An ancient Indian collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns
Who is Indra? A war god of the Aryan People
What is a raja An Indian king or prince
What is a caste system? A class structure determined by birth
What are Varnas? Each of four Hindu castles, Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra
Who are the Brahmins? A member of the highest Hindu castle, that of the priesthood
Who are the Kshatriyas? A member of the second of four greatest Hindu castles, the military castle
Who are the Vaishyas? A member of the third of the four greatest Hindu castles, compromising the merchants and farmers
Who are the Shudras? A member of the worker castle, the lowest of the four Hindu Castles
What is the,"Law book of Manu"? The guidelines based on the Hindu beliefs
Who is Brahman? Member of the highest Hindu castle
What is doctrine? A set of beliefs held and taught by a church, political party or other group or people
What is karma? The sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences
What is Dravidian? Relating to a family of languages spoken in southern India and Sri Lanka, or people who speak them
What was Aryan's political structure? They established regional kingdoms
What was Harrappan's political structure? There was no evidence of royal pr imperial authority
What was Dravidian's political structure They had friendly relations with the Ayran's people
What was the Aryan's interaction with the environment? They relied more on agriculture than herding
What was the Harrappan's interaction with the environment? They developed in a valley of a river which was the Indus where water was available for irrigation of crops
What was the Dravidian's interaction with the environment? They had developed a sophisticated society in the Indus river
What were the Aryan's beliefs in their religion? They had a practical view of ritual sacrifices by which the Aryans hoped to win the favor of the gods
What were the Harrappan's beliefs in their religion? They had venerated gods and goddesses that associated with creation procreation
What're the Dravdian's beliefs in their religion? They practiced Hinduism
What was the Aryan's art? They composed numerous poems and songs. Indeed, they preserved extensive collections of religious and literary works
What was the Harrappan's art Goldsmiths, potters, weavers, masons, and architects had maintained shops that lined Mohjenjo-daro
What was the Dravidian's culture? They had established political, social, and cultural order
What was the Aryan's technology? They led to more trade and a new religion and social structure
What was the Harrappan's technology? They developed in the the Indus river where the waters were accessible for the irrigation of crops
What was the Dravidian's technology? They had an advanced city culture
What were the Aryan's economics? They depended on a pastoral economy
What were the Harrappan's economics? They engaged in trade
What were the Dravidian's economics? They had an agricultural economy
What was in the Aryan society? The Aryans constructed a well-defined social order called the Caste System
What was in the Harrappan society? It is impossible to follow the development of Harappan society because the remains were inaccessible and lack of text that has been decoded in written records
What was in the Dravidian society? Dravidian peoples had established neolithic communities throughout much of the Indian subcontinent
When was the beginnings of agriculture in south Asia? 8000–7000 B.C.E.
What happen in 2500–2000 B.C.E.? There was a high point in the Harappan society
When did the beginning of Harappan decline happen? 1900 B.C.E.
What happen in 1500 B.C.E.? It was the beginning of Aryan migration to India
When did the Vedic age? 1500–500 B.C.E.
When was the composition of the Rig Veda? 1400–900 B.C.E.
What happened in 1000 B.C.E.? There were early Aryan migrations into the Ganges River valley
When did the emergence of varna distinctions happen? 1000 B.C.E
What happen in 1000–500 B.C.E.? Formation of regional kingdoms in northern India
What happen in 800–400 B.C.E.? Composition of the principal Upanishads
What happen in 750 B.C.E.? There was establishment of first Aryan cities in the Ganges valley 
When was the early Aryan migrations to the Deccan Plateau?  500 B.C.E. 
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