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French Revolution

In the 1770’s the French social and political system known as what? Old Regime
Who had access to high offices and exemptions from paying taxes?. privilaged estates
Who formed the 1st estate? CatholicChurch
How much land in France did the 1st estate own? ten percent
How much of the 1st Estates income did they contribute to the government? two percent
Who was part of the 2nd estate? rich nobles
How much taxes did the 2nd estate pay? almost none
How much of the population did the 2nd estate account for? two percent
How much land did the 2nd estate own? twenty percent
How much of the population belonged to the 3rd estate? ninety seven percent
Which three groups of people did the 3rd estate consist of? Bourgeoisie Workers Peasants
Bakers, factory owners, professionals, skilled artisans were all part of which class? Bourgeoisie
How would you describe the Bourgeoisie's privileges and taxes paid? no privileges no taxes
Why did they feel they were equal to nobles in the 2nd estate they were rich
The Workers class in France consisted of which 4 main groups? Tradespeople apprentices laborers servants.
Which class dealt with low wages, being frequently out of work and would attack grain carts and bread shops if prices rose. Workers
How much of the population belonged to the Peasant class? eighty percent
Where did half of the Peasants income go? nobles church taxes
What made it difficult to conduct profitable business before the French Revolution? high taxes
What caused the price of bread to double before the French revolution? crop failures
France's debt nearly doubled because they borrowed money to help with which war? American Revolution
What was one way France's kings caused the national debt to nearly double? extravagant spending
Where did a large amount of France's past debt come from? previous kings
Who did Louis XVI want to impose a tax on to help pay the nation's debt? nobles
What did Louis XVI call in order to approve of new taxes to help with France's debt? Estates General
How were votes in the Estates General assigned according to medieval rules? one per estate
How did the 3rd estate want to assign votes in the Estates General? one per delegate
Who suggested that the 3rd Estate delegates should name themselves a National Assembly to pass laws and reforms. Joseph Sieyes
When the 3rd estate voted to establish the National Assembly, what did it end? absolute monarchy
When the 3rd estate delegates broke into a tennis court, they pledged not to leave until what was created? new constitution
What did the king’s station around his home in response to the creation of the National Assembly? Swiss Guards
What was the name of the prison that peasants stormed in order to obtain guns and free prisoners? Bastile
In which event did peasants break into noble’s manors, destroyed legal papers that bound them and burned down manor houses. Great Fear
Who gained power in France and began the reign of terror? Maximillian Robespierre
What was the government agency that was created to protect the revolution from its enemies? Committee of Public Safety
Who defended himself so well, he was eventually denied the right to speak? Georges Danton
What was changed in order to wipe out every trace of France’s past and build a “republic of virtue” calendar
Created by: Domingue