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The Formation of Classical Socities

For how long did Cyrus rule the Achaemenid reign? From 558-530 B.C.E.
Who did Cyrus rebel against? Cyrus rebelled against median overlord.
What kingdom did Cyrus conquer? The kingdom of Lydia in Anatolia.
Who was the greatest emperor of the Achaemenid Empire? Darius ( 521-486 B.C.E), young kinsman of Cyrus.
What did Darius built in 520 B.C.E? A new capital called Persepolis.
What was the purpose of the capital of Persepolis? To work as a monument in the Achaemenid Dynasty.
What did Persepolis structures contain? Reception halls,Royal residences, and treasury.
How was the Achaemenid Empire politically organized? A balance between central initiative and local administrators.
What were the official tittles of rulers? " The Great King',"KIng of Kings","King in Persia", and " King of Countires"
How many realms did Darius make? A total of 23 satrapies
What are satrapies? satrapies are administratives and taxation districts governed by satraps
What new officials were created by the rulers? Imperial spies called the ' the eyes and ears of the king'
What courier service was built? A postal station
What is a qanat? An underground canal
During the Reign of Shapur, what did the Sassanids stabilized? A frontier and states with roman empire
For the Persian society, what was their economic foundation? Agriculture
Who was the supreme lord to Zarathustra? Ahura Mazda
Who is Angra Mainyu? An evil spirit
Who was Zarathustra? Religious thinker who taught Zoroastranism
What are the Gathas? 17 hymns from Zarathustra
Quote for Zoraastrian teaching? " good words, good thought, good deeds"
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