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World Studies

Chapter 6 China

What does the name Qin Shihuangdi mean? The first Qin emperor
What was the capital city of the Qin dynasty? Xianyang
What is terra-cotta? Hardened clay
According to archeologists, why did Qin Shihuangdi create the terra-cotta figures? . B. He was creating an army to protect him in the afterlife.
What special fighting skill did the Xiongu have that made them a threat? They were masters of horseback riding.
How long is a li? one-third of a mile
How many of Qin Shihuangdi's walls still remain? Only a few of his walls remain.
What happened to books that presented ideas that were not the official view of the Qin dynasty? They were publically burned.
What was the job of the Censorate? To make sure government officials were doing their jobs.
How many Qin emperors followed Qin Shihuangdi? none
The following IS A TRUE statement about Liu Pang... He was born a peasant, but became emperor.
What element of the Qin dynasty did the Han dynasty retain? The three ministries of the central government.
What was the purpose of the civil service examination? to select new government officials
What happened to the population of China during the Han dynasty? It increased rapidly.
What does martial mean? Related to or suited for war.
What followed the death of Han Wudi? 150 years of peace
Why did free peasants suffer during the Han dynasty? As the population grew, the average size of a farm plot became too small to support a family.
What was the basic social unit for economics and education in the Han dynasty? The Family.
What was the chief form of literature in the Han dynasty? Histories.
What literary work produced during the Han period became required reading for generations of Chinese schoolchildren? A set of Confucian classics compiled by the Confucian school.
Who fought against opium trade restrictions in China? The British
Who was the founding father of the republic of China? Sun Yat-sen
What territory did China lose control of after the first opium war? Hons Kons
Feet that have been perfectly bound in less than 3 inches are called what? Golden Lotus
Whose troops forced Communists to embark on the Long March? Chiang Kai-shek
Promoting the status of women, providing universal housing, improving literacy, and increasing healthcare were all reforms created by who? Mao Zedong
Who created the Great Leap Forward and what was it? Mao Zadons. Individualization through small-scale projects in peasant community
Where did members of the nationalist Party flee to after the war with the Communists? Taiwan
Under Confucian beliefs what is the relationship between young people and their elders called? Filial Peity
What caused the alliance between the Communist and Nationalist parties? Fight against Japanese
What was the revolt against the Quing Dynasty? Taiping Rebellion
During the Tang Dynasty, how were government positions appointed? Placement by scores on civil service exam
Explain the Mandate of Heaven. T'ien Ming "Divine Right to Rule"
What was the name for the 4000 miles of trade routes linking China to the Mediterranean Sea: Silk Road
Which philosophy believes "strength, not goodness, is the ruler's greatest virtue? legalism - Hanfeizi
Who is the founder of Legalism? Hanfeizi (280 B.C - 233 B.C)
Which of the three philosophies seeks to live in harmony with nature? Taoism
Would a Legalist believe the Confucian idea that people will follow the example of a good ruler? Legalism believes that the only way to achieve order was to pass strict laws and enforce them with harsh punishments. The nature of man was evil and goodness was acquired.
Taoist beliefs on government: Government is unnatural and therefore the cause of many problems and the best government was the one that governed least.
Legalist beliefs on government: The only way to achieve order was to pass strict laws and enforce them with harsh punishments.
Who is the founder of Confucianism? Confucius (551 B.C - 479 B.C)
Who is the founder of Taoism? Laozi (604 B.C - unknown)
Confucianism Philosophies: Harmony results when people understand their role in society
Confucianism Philosophies: There are 5 key relationships: father to son, elder brother to younger, husband to wife, ruler to subject, friend to friend
Confucianism Philosophies: Older people were superior to younger people, and men were superior to women
Confucianism Philosophies: Superiors should care for inferiors and set a good example
Confucianism Philosophies: Filian Piety, or respect and devotion to one's parents was above all other duties (even loyalty to the state!)
Legalism Philosophies: The nature of man is evil. His goodness is acquired.
Legalism Philosophies: The only way to achieve order was to pass strict laws and enforce them with harsh punishments
Legalism Philosophies: Strength, not goodness, was a rulers greatest virtue
Taoism Philosophies: Live in harmony with nature and reject the world of conflict
Taoism Philosophies: Look beyond everyday worries to focus on the Dao, or "the way" of the universe as a whole
Taoism Philosophies: Government is unnatural and therefore the cause of many problems
Taoism Philosophies: The best government was the one that governed least
Taoism Philosophies: Previously referred to as Daoism.
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