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Medieval Europe

Middle Ages in Europe

Holy Roman Empire An empire established in Europe in the 10th century A.D., originally consisting mainly of lands in what is now Germany and Italy.
Feudalism A political system in which nobles are granted the use of lands that legally belong to their king, in exchange for their loyalty, military service, and protection of the people who live on the land.
Silk Road An ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean Sea extending some 6,440 km (4,000 mi) and linking China with the Roman Empire. Traders took silk from China to the West, and brought glass, linen, and gold back to China.
Middle Ages Also known as the Medieval period, lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. It began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and merged into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery.
Magna Carta 1215 document that limited the king's ability to tax English nobles and that guaranteed due process and a right to trial.
Hundred Year's War Series of campaigns over control of the throne of France, involving English and French royal families and French noble families.
Crusades A series of holy wars from 1096-1270 AD undertaken by European Christians to free the Holy Land from Muslim rule.
Agricultural Revolution The transformation of farming that resulted in the eighteenth century from the spread of new crops, improvements in cultivation techniques such as the seed drill and the steel plow which made farming easier and faster.
Manor System An economic plan by which a lord allowed serfs to farm land on his estate in return for food or other payment.
Aztecs A Mesoamerican civilization of Mexico who created a strong empire that flourished between the 14th and 15th century. The arrival of Hernando Cortez and the Spanish Conquistadores ended their empire.
Incas A Native American people who built a notable civilization in western South America in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The center of their empire was in present-day Peru. Francisco Pizarro of Spain conquered the empire.
Mongols Nomadic tribes from present-day Mongolia. The Mongols were temporarily unified in the 13th century by Genghis Khan. They conquered all of China in five years, and then turned westward toward Europe.
Enclosure Movement British government transformed the rural landscape by consolidating individually owned strips of land surrounding a village into a single large farm, owned by an induvidual.
Commercial Revolution A dramatic change in the economy of Europe at the end of the Middle Ages. It is characterized by an increase in towns and trade, the use of banks and credit, and the establishment of guilds to regulate quality and price.
Great Schism Division in the Roman Catholic Church from 1378 to 1417, which occurred when the Church's two centers of power elected different popes.
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