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Chapter 13 Test

What were the origins of the Middle Ages? Roman Heritage The beliefs of the Roman Catholic church The customs of Germanic tribes
What were the effects of the invasions of Western Europe? Disruption of trade Downfall of cities Population shifts Decline in learning Loss of a common language
Who was Clovis? Part of the Franks United the area under Christianity
What did Pope Gregory the First do? Started to get the church involved in worldly issues
What is another word for Secular? Worldly
What was one of Charles Martel's greatest achievements? Pushed back the Muslims from conquering Spain
Who was Pepin? Son of Charles Martel. He started the Carolingian Dynasty (751-987)
Who took over after Pepin? Charlemagne
Who was Charlemagne? One of the most strongest emperors Ruled the Holy Roman Empire Ruled for 50 years When his sons started to rule after his death, they could not agree on how to rule
What is feudalism? A system of loyalties and protections based on mutual obligations
What was the social class structure in order? King/Pope Lords Lesser Lords Knights Serfs (peasants)
What was a manor? An economic system
What was in a manor? Farmland with animals Villages Castle A church
What is a clergy? Religious officials
What was the Holy Roman Empire? An empire established in Europe in the 10th century
What was lay investiture? A ceremony in which kings and nobles appointed church officials
What is chivalry? A code of conduct for knights
What were the steps/stages to knighthood? You first needed to be a son of a nobleman 1) Page (7-14 years old) 2) Squire (14-21 years old) 3) Knight (21 years old)
What three masters did knights serve? Earthly Lord Heavenly Lord (God) Chosen lady
What values did the knights follow? Loyalty Respect Bravery Honesty Compassion Courage
What were the topics of literature in the early European Middle Ages? Love (romance) Knighthood Chivalry Wars Tournaments
What is a tithe? Church tax; usually one-tenth of a peasant family's income
What is a Lord? Landowner
What is a fief? Land granted by a lord to a vassal
What is a vassal? Person receiving a fief from a lord
Created by: devinbialick